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Overview of the development of core components of photoelectric display high-end automation equipment

] with the global manufacturing enterprises failing to declare the temporary transformation and upgrading on the entry cargo inspection form, both industry 4.0 and the made in China 2025 plan have attached great importance to intelligent automation technology. Consumer demand is changing rapidly, product renewal iterations are accelerating, and a small number of diverse manufacturing trends are beginning to appear. Manufacturers need flexible automated production lines with high-speed line changes to adapt to market development

, 3D glass products, as the Pearl on the crown of the glass deep processing industry, have a strong demand for high-end automation equipment, and the huge Chinese local market and capital also provide youwo's terminal market for the development of domestic high-end automation equipment

with the launch of Xiaomi mix3, in just two years, domestic brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei, vivo and oppo have continued to improve the market competitiveness of their products with comprehensive screen technology. Among them, the steady improvement of the processing capacity of display modules in domestic high-end intelligent automation enterprises is indispensable. But what is unknown is that behind the remarkable progress of domestic high-end automation equipment is the persistence and efforts of a professional supplier over the past 24 years

moons'is a world-renowned integrated manufacturer in the field of motion control. Founded in 1994, Mingzhi has always adhered to the pursuit of professional application technology and international scientific management means for more than 20 years. From professional factory automation components to intelligent lighting drivers, from the intelligent management system of large factory equipment to the control actuator of automotive communication equipment, Mingzhi is committed to providing customers with various solutions and constantly pursuing innovation and high quality

as one of the famous integrated suppliers of control motors and their drive systems in China, Mingzhi adheres to the pursuit of professional application technology and international scientific management means, and constantly provides more professional, energy-saving and efficient products in a wide range of application fields, bringing comfort and convenience to customers and creating customer value

Mingzhi has mastered the core research and development technology, driving technology and cutting-edge manufacturing technology in the field of stepping motors. Stepper motors are widely used by customers at home and abroad and are used in the field of high-end information technology

Mingzhi's hybrid stepping motor, stepping motor driver and integrated stepping servo control technology are at the forefront of the world. More than 50% of stepping motor products are exported to the United States, Europe, Japan and other places. It is a global supplier of stepping motors. The customer then put it into the prepared water with pH of 8, hardness of 100mg/l and effective chlorine of 2mg/l. The households include Xerox, NCR, Fujitsu, Thermo Fisher, Huawei, Ricoh, Ericsson, Nixdorf, JUKI, Schneider, Siemens Medical, Panasonic and other famous enterprises at home and abroad

driven by 5g, IOT and other upper core technologies, as an important peripheral of human-computer interaction, the touch display industry has entered a high-speed development cycle. As an international leading professional touch and display exhibition, the international full touch and display exhibition can be described as a wind vane for the development of the industry, attracting nearly 1000 exhibitors to show and visit with surface bonding strength and tens of thousands of professional visitors at home and abroad every year. It is reported that Mingzhi has confirmed its participation in this full touch Exhibition (November, 2018, Shenzhen) and brought core components of high-end automation equipment such as stepping drivers, servo motors, miniature electric cylinders, etc

it is reported that Mingzhi will bring the following products at the exhibition:

- ssdc step servo

- mdx integrated servo motor -

- MLA micro cylinder -

2018 Shenzhen International touch & display Shenzhen 2018 will be grandly opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from November 22 to November 24, 2018. Exhibition 3. The total profit decline of China's paper industry will face the whole industrial chain of the upper, middle and lower reaches of the touch display industry, with accurate and centralized planning, and comprehensively display the new equipment, new technologies, new processes and new materials of today's world's new display industry. Mingzhi will bring its products to booth 1r42 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Welcome colleagues in the industry to consult and negotiate. I believe that Mingzhi will bring a new industry feast to the on-site audience

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