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The advanced equipment manufacturing vocational education group in the machinery industry was officially established On April 27, the first council meeting of the advanced equipment manufacturing vocational education group in the machinery industry and the seminar on the construction of high-level professional groups of advanced equipment manufacturing were held in Changsha. What should we pay attention to in the use of more than 150 principals of Higher Vocational Colleges and universal tension testers from all over the country? The heads of equipment manufacturing enterprises gathered together to jointly study the construction of high-level professional groups, discuss the collectivization of school running plans, and jointly promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry

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Chen Xiaoming, director of the machinery industry education development center, Ying ruoping, deputy director general of Hunan Provincial Department of education, Yu Weiliang, director of vocational education and Adult Education Department of Hunan Provincial Department of education, Liu Jianxiang, Secretary of the Party committee of Hunan Institute of industry and technology, and Xiang Luosheng, president attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Yang Cuiming, President of Hunan electromechanical vocational and technical college

last September, the national equipment manufacturing industry industry industry education integration school enterprise cooperation on-site promotion meeting was unveiled, and the "advanced equipment manufacturing vocational education group in the machinery industry" led by five units including Hunan Industrial Vocational College was established. The group is led by the national machinery vocational education teaching steering committee and the machinery industry education development center. After one year of preparation, 68 vocational colleges such as Tianjin Vocational College of mechanical and electrical engineering and Hunan Vocational College of industry and 24 enterprises such as Wuhan Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd. and Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. have become the first batch of member units of the vocational education group

Ying ruoping said in his speech that the equipment manufacturing industry is the backbone of the manufacturing industry. It is necessary to promote vocational colleges and industrial enterprises to form a community of destiny and take the road of deep integration of industry and education. Ying ruoping introduced the development of equipment manufacturing industry and vocational education in Hunan Province. She said that focusing on the theme of "high-level construction of professional groups and high-quality development of industries", the meeting promoted the integration of industry and education in the equipment manufacturing industry, which is a specific practice of deepening the reform and development of vocational education and an important measure to promote the all-round integration of the supply side and industrial demand side structural elements of talent training. She called on Vocational Colleges and industry enterprises to build a group school in accordance with the "community of destiny", establish a new mechanism for the integration of industry and education, continue to achieve development in the integration and common development, and truly solve the problem of "two skins" of the integration of industry and education

make a work report to Luo Sheng. He pointed out that the establishment of the "machinery industry advanced equipment manufacturing vocational education group" is a specific measure to accelerate the pace of vocational education reform and innovation, and promote the large-scale and collectivized development of vocational education. It has built a high-quality platform for the complementary advantages of advanced equipment manufacturing vocational colleges and advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises to realize the sharing of vocational education resources on a larger scale. He introduced that the group will focus on the training of technical and skilled talents in the field of advanced equipment manufacturing, the construction of characteristic professional groups, the construction of training bases, the construction of double division teams, the sharing of resources and information, scientific research services and foreign cooperation and exchange, so as to create a community with a shared future of government, administration, schools and enterprises, improve the ability of professional construction to serve the development of advanced equipment manufacturing industry, and drive the common development of group members

the meeting reviewed and approved the articles of association of the machinery industry advanced equipment manufacturing vocational education group and the list of group members. Among them, six special committees have been prepared for the construction of teachers, majors, courses, bases, technical skills and standards, and foreign exchange and cooperation. Xiang Luosheng, President of Hunan Polytechnic College, was elected as the executive chairman of the group, and Dong Jianguo, vice president of Hunan Polytechnic College, was elected as the vice chairman and secretary general

Xing Hui, director of the vocational education research center of the National Institute of education administration, made a special report around the implementation plan of the national vocational education reform, and Huiming, deputy director of the industry development department of the China Machinery Industry Federation and Secretary General of the China service oriented manufacturing industry innovation alliance, made a report on the development of service-oriented manufacturing; Chen Jihong, an alumnus of Hunan Polytechnic Institute and chairman of Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd., presented a thematic report entitled "transformation and upgrading of CNC equipment and integrated development of production and education" Liushiqi, director of human resources of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., mainly shared in "enterprise transformation and development and school enterprise cooperation development", and it is difficult to adjust the coordination gap of ordinary rib. It is difficult to build Zoomlion College of construction machinery with Hunan Vocational College of industry, professional construction and curriculum development, establish master work team, carry out order talent training, overseas base talent training The experience and practice of cooperative education such as co building training bases

it is reported that since the establishment of the vocational education group, the internal circulation of the group has been the way to improve the efficiency of resources. In the field of advanced equipment manufacturing, the aging temperature has a great impact on the strength of the alloy, and extensive communication, school enterprise cooperation, collaborative development, reform and innovation have been carried out. The industrial vocational college has taken the lead in formulating the working standards and evaluation standards for school enterprise cooperation, and has also taken new steps in jointly studying and formulating the relevant systems and mechanisms for the integration of industry and education, and establishing an international cooperation base for vocational education. For example, it has cooperated with enterprises such as central China CNC to form a special team to jointly study the construction standards of intelligent manufacturing centers, and with enterprises such as Bosch and Siemens, the world's top 500 enterprises, to jointly formulate international talent training standards

since its establishment, Hunan Institute of industry and technology has adhered to the school running orientation of "rooted in the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry and serving Hunan's new industrialization", and has strong school running strength and social influence in advanced equipment manufacturing. In 2009, the school took the lead in the establishment of Hunan Machinery and equipment manufacturing vocational education group, which is a demonstration vocational education group in Hunan Province, with 109 member units. In terms of school enterprise cooperation in the integration of industry and education, the school has found a solid and effective way, and has established cooperative relations with more than 210 enterprises at home and abroad, including 168 equipment manufacturing enterprises, accounting for 80%. In the past two years, the school has implemented a number of major reform and innovation projects in deepening education and teaching reform, professional group and curriculum construction, administration, teacher assessment, student evaluation and other aspects. The reform project, the "5+5" school running mode of school enterprise cooperation based on the integration of middle education, has been listed as the pilot project of education system reform in Hunan Province in 2019. (correspondent Wang Luman, Wang Jiahao, Zhu Yating)

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