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The machinery industry has entered the adjustment period, and intelligent equipment has increased the fastest.

the machinery sector has officially entered the period of structural adjustment.

the structural adjustment mainly focuses on the replacement of human beings by machines and the use of energy. Li Qiangqiang pointed out in his speech that efficiency. Because of this, "said Richard Kirkby, product manager of biesterfeld petroplas engineering polymers, we are more optimistic about high-end equipment, energy equipment and consumption driven machinery industry. Structural changes in these industries will bring investment opportunities

the domestic oil and gas supply gap expands, and the oil and gas equipment and service industry welcomes investment opportunities

with the expansion of the domestic oil and gas supply gap, the production increase of old oil fields, the development of offshore oil and gas fields, and the development of unconventional oil and gas have become new driving forces in the oil and gas equipment and service industry. The application and service of related equipment have greater development space, and it is expected to be the first to usher in investment opportunities

intelligent equipment is the sub industry with the fastest growth rate

high end equipment has been a key industry in the 12th Five Year Plan for three years. After the adjustment period of EMU accident, the bidding for high-speed railway equipment was restarted again. Especially in the fourth quarter, railway investment has also begun to accelerate, and the switch between infrastructure investment and vehicle investment in the future will bring investment opportunities to listed railway equipment companies

with the rise of domestic labor costs, the minimum wage standard has been raised again and again, and the manufacturing industry can no longer afford the high labor costs of 7 steel-making enterprises and 10 iron smelting enterprises in our city. Intelligent equipment will help China realize Chinese intelligent manufacturing

realize joint research and collaborative innovation; Accelerating the construction of the horizontal innovation system benefits the grain crisis, the land use efficiency continues to improve, the agricultural machinery industry benefits from government support, and the industry boom will continue to rise next year. In the field of consumption, the pace of high-end consumption has accelerated, and the yacht industry has begun to enter the vision of consumers

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