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Introduce osopur wall breaking machine p12 p12gb p12c p27 what is the difference? Which is better?

osopur wall breaking machine p12 p12gb p12c p27 these wall breaking machines are all popular models of osopur. The main differences are: first, the time of launch and the appearance color are different. P27 is the latest new product launched in 2019; Second, the power is different. The power of p12, p12gb, p27 is 1600W, and the power of p12c is 2000W. Other functions and configurations are the same. It depends on your preference, just choose one. I started with this p27, a very good product, which is very delicate in peanut milk and vegetable juice. The noise is not very loud. The glass is heavy and has a sense of quality. Turn to the latest "details of the long-term mechanism points for promoting the development of energy-saving and new energy vehicles", which is evaluated by Ossur friends. I hope it can help you choose for reference

the price line table 2-2 of osopur p27 wall breaking machine is the hot news of common plastic plates (sheets). The latest news is nothing more than two types of molding processing temperature:

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p27 German asppuer/osopur full-automatic multi-function mixing and heating wall breaking machine household cooking machine

[on sale price] 899.00 yuan

[post coupon price] 399.00 yuan


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configuration parameters of German asppuer/osopur p27 wall breaking machine:

osopur p27 wall breaking machine comments of other users:

1. To be honest, this is the first wall breaking machine I have. I feel that with it, the kitchen has become tall and tall. I've ground meat, beaten vegetable juice, and boiled rice paste. I feel pretty good, The sound is also acceptable. I just feel that this one is a little unaccustomed without a mixing stick. Everything else is perfect

2. I tried soy milk immediately after I bought it, but I can drink it directly through filtration. It's very good. The only disadvantage is that the sound generation is a little big. On the whole, I'm satisfied

3. At present, it is only used to make soybean milk, which is good. It would be better if it could be a little bigger. Now it can only be 3 cups. The sound is acceptable

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