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Introduce the laser projector nut U1 and jimihao lune 4K, which effect is good? What is the difference between configurations

laser projector nut U1 and jimihao 4K are popular in the market "Because of this, the models of the two major brands have little difference, mainly because the appearance color and style are different, the function and image quality, and the configuration are the same. I started with this laser projector nut U1. The projection is very clear, and the sound effect is good. It is very suitable for watching movies at home in addition to the conventional creep durability experiment. It is small and square, and I like it very much.

nut U1 more user comments on the advantages and disadvantages details

extremely Mi Hao 4K quotation and friends' evaluation for comparison

nut U1

Ji Mi Hao 4K

II. Laser projector nut U1 and Ji Mi Hao 4K quotation and comments comparison:

1, nut U1

reference price: ¥ 9099.00 (view tmall activity quotation)

user comments: things are small, noise is not big, the image is very clear, the bedroom is sunny, and you can see the curtains during the day. You can turn on a small light at night. It's good to watch it in the dark at night, just like watching a movie. In a word, the cost performance is relatively high. Those who like it can place an order, and the happiness of life has been improved by one level

2. Jimihao 4K

reference price: ¥ 12999.00 (check tmall activity quotation)

basic information: accuracy grade 0.01N; Resolution 0.01mm; Main motor source 0.7kw, AC220V ± 10%; Product overview and classification: it is divided into: digital display horizontal tensile testing machine User comments on microcomputer screen horizontal tensile testing machine and microcomputer controlled horizontal tensile testing machine: after buying it for a period of time and preparing to take it back to your hometown, there is a lack of shadow cloth. There is no shadow cloth to avoid your test results. The effect is very good during the day and night under the condition of gross disease. It is worth recommending that the sound quality of Harman Caton is also good. Listening to music is also very nice

III. summary:

laser projector nut U1 and jimihao 4K in general, They are all good 4K laser TVs, and the effect of daily use is very good. Especially when the price of nuts is relatively low, the hardware is even better than Jimi, which surprised the author a little. The details page of Jimi exaggerated the facts, which is a little disappointed

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