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Which is better to introduce JBL pebbles snail or ps3300? Comparison and difference between JBL ps3300 and snail

jbl pebbles snail and ps3300 have good functions. They are two popular speakers of JBL. Specifically, which is better between JBL pebbles snail and ps3300? What is the difference between JBL ps3300 and snail? As the requirements of modern social industries for products are getting higher and higher, let's have a detailed understanding, which may help you for reference

I. which is the difference between JBL pebbles snail and ps3300

1. The size of the JBL pebbles snail is different from that of the ps3300. The JBL pebbles snail is smaller and more suitable for notebook computers. The ps3300 is larger and suitable for desktop computers; Second, the appearance color is different. The ps3300 has only two colors, and the JBL pebbles snail has three colors

2. Generally speaking, the functions of the JBL pebbles snail and the ps3300 are similar, and the sound quality is not different. It depends on your personal preference and needs

3. I started with this JBL ps3300. At first glance, I felt good texture and sound quality. As a computer speaker, the bass effect can be said to be great, and a USB cable connected to the computer is OK, unlike the old-fashioned one with a separate power cord. Audio cable and Bluetooth connection are also very practical, which is convenient for playing music

check JBL P there is also an electronic universal experimental machine on the market at present, which adopts ordinary 3-camera electric or frequency conversion electromechanical s3300. More evaluation details>

JBL pebbles snail quotation and comments>

for your reference Power supply (V): 220 ± 10% JBL ps3300 wireless Bluetooth 2.0 speaker JD event price:

JBL ps3300 wireless Bluetooth 2.0 Speaker computer multimedia speaker/audio desktop speaker independent subwoofer desktop speaker black, [JBL Bluetooth desktop speaker] [drying list for 3 months, Yiyun concert member] independent high and low bass unit, shocking bass! Bluetooth +aux audio +usb three connection methods

JD price: ¥ 399.00 price reduction notice: ¥ 379.00

JD activity link:

III. JBL ps3300 wireless Bluetooth 2.0 speaker configuration parameters:

Product Name: jblps3300

IV. JBL ps3300 wireless Bluetooth 2.0 speaker other user comments:

this time I bought a speaker for the office. I didn't hesitate to recommend this one to my colleagues. The JBL ps3300 wireless Bluetooth 2.0 speaker is indeed very good. Although the price is not high, it is enough if it is not a hifi enthusiast. The sound is as usual, the sound reduction is very high, the sound color is also good, the bass is thick and clear, and it will not mix multi-function, low consumption, etc., which provides great power and development space to become a pot of porridge. Bluetooth connection is very convenient. It doesn't care about wiring problems. It's convenient to put it anywhere. You can also connect to computers and TVs at will

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