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Introduce the mechanic t58v and the rescuer y7000p. Which one is better to buy? Configuration differences and purchase suggestions

mechanic t58v and Savior y7000p are two popular game books in the market, so which is better to buy between mechanic t58v and Savior y7000p? Let's take a look at the configuration differences and purchase suggestions for friends who need to choose

I. which is the difference between mechanic t58v and rescuer y70 taking another sample and remaking 00P

compared with the mechanic t58v and the rescuer y7000p, the main differences are: first, the performance release, memory type and heat dissipation are different. The rescuer y7000p is better in performance, memory and heat dissipation; Second, the after-sales service points are different. The after-sales service points of Savior y7000p are more perfect; Third, the price is different. The mechanic t58v is more cost-effective

turn to Savior y7000p JD. Com's old users commented on it. How about its performance

turn to mechanic t58v for quotation. Do you see many crashes in normal operation

II. Purchase suggestions:

1. If you want better performance, heat dissipation, after-sales friends, and have a sufficient budget, it is more appropriate to recommend this Lenovo Savior y7000p

2. If you are looking for cost performance and have good hands-on ability, recommend this mechanic t58v

1. Reference price: ¥ 8999.00 (check activity quotation)

2. User comments: the computer appearance is simple and atmospheric, and the backlit keyboard is very beautiful! After the boot, Master Lu ran 500000 points, very satisfied! Very smooth to use! However, selecting the automatic graphics card switching mode will cause a jam, and you need to select the independent graphics card mode or the integrated graphics card mode

it is expected that the pig iron market will be dominated in the near future, although the cost is low and stable. 4. Mechanic t58v quotation and user comments:

1. Reference price: ¥ 5699.00 (see activity quotation)

2. User comments: the packaging is very good, and it is also complete when you get it. The appearance is OK, and the feel is OK for me. The picture is very clear. I didn't play the game. It should still be OK. There are also many sockets. Very good heat dissipation. Student party, I think this computer is very suitable for me. In many places, customer service is also very patient

the above is about the comparison between mechanic t58v and Savior y7000p. Which one is better to buy? I hope the introduction of configuration differences and purchase suggestions can help you choose products with serious homogenization for reference. Welcome to the comment area to leave a message and communicate together

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