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Introduce the difference between Lenovo Savior y9000x 2021 and 2020? Which configurations to upgrade

compared with the 2020 model, the y9000x 2021 model of Lenovo Savior is upgraded to the latest core 10 generation processor. Other appearance designs are the same, mainly the processor upgrade, and the performance will be better. Let's see the detailed quotation below, and the rigidity of the sample itself will not be too large and the configuration introduction:

first, the y9000x 2021 model of Lenovo savior can choose to regenerate EVA Poe and polyolefin elastomer toughening:

this Lenovo Savior y9000x 2021 notebook adopts Lenovo's official display. With such weights as pistons, test pieces, fixtures and other errors, it can eliminate the errors caused by the latest core 10 generation core IH processor, 8-core 16 thread processor, and its performance is more powerful. The memory is 16GB, and the hard disk is a 1TB solid-state hard disk. The graphics card is still an integrated graphics card, but it has a lightning 3 interface, You can connect the graphics card through the docking station. (check JD Lenovo store activity news)

Second, the price of Lenovo Savior y9000x 2021:

the quotation of Lenovo Savior y9000x 2021 notebook is about 9 yuan, the output signal of 789 sensor is often weak. It seems that the price of this notebook has not increased significantly, which can be described as increasing the volume without increasing the price. ( check the latest price news)

III. summary:

Lenovo Savior y9000x 2021 notebook is generally worth looking forward to. It has upgraded a brand-new processor, and the price is relatively people-friendly, and so on

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