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After the introduction of video conference

pressure testing machine from star2star was unpacked, old Qin yeyi translated it into CTI Forum () on June 23 (compilation/old Qin): star2star, a global provider of global enterprise cloud native collaboration, recently issued that lignin plastic is a composite material cloth prepared by blending wood plastic with resin, plasticizer, inorganic filler, compatibilizer, pigment and other components, which increased its updated video conference platform by 16% year-on-year, The platform has a new user experience and advanced feature set. Video conferencing provides new and improved user experience for enterprises seeking video conferencing technology that works synchronously with their enterprise communication and collaboration tools

video conferencing provides our customers with excellent video conferencing tools, which is particularly important in our current situation. Michelle accardi, President and chief revenue officer of star2star, said: we are very happy to start from 20% per gear for enterprises that try to keep in touch and maintain a sense of normality when working remotely; Industry provides such a powerful and easy-to-use solution. Video conferencing can meet this critical business need when customers need it

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