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What is the difference between HP ns1005w and m132nw printers? Which function is better?

the problem of "white pollution" of HP printer ns1005w and M ecology is getting worse and worse. The main difference between the two 132nw models is that the time to market and the price are different. The m132nw model supports printing. This HP printer ns1005w is the latest one to be launched, with relatively improved performance and similar functions. Our company started with this HP printer ns1005w, which is very convenient, more beautiful than expected, and covers a small area, The most important thing is that you can buy your own ink cartridge, add ink by yourself, connect wirelessly, and connect with a wire, which is convenient and practical

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II. Comparison of quotation and review between HP printer ns1005w and 1020w:

1. HP ns1005w

reference price: ¥ 1689.00 (check JD event price)

comment on large power battery enterprises: very good products, Find the later consumables recommended by customer service to be cheaper. Customer service and patience recommended this one. I like it very much. The printing speed is also very fast. It is easy to install pictures and texts, and the operation is also simple. Friends who want to print with black-and-white laser can consider it

2. HP m132nw

reference price: ¥ 1569.00 (check activity quotation)

user comments: it's just that the manual is a little simple. Fortunately, after checking it for several times, I finally connected to the computer, tried to type several copies, and the response is very fast. After clicking the printer here, there is a response, and the printing quality is very good! Copying and scanning have also been tried, which can help business users and consumer groups in the purchase and use process, very good! Satisfied

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