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Hainan introduced the "Internet + agriculture" start-up team, UAV spraying pesticides to improve efficiency

, client Haikou news on November 15 (Su Liang) "do you guess how much labor costs can be saved by UAV application in the field of agricultural plant protection?" In the innovation and entrepreneurship Industrial Park in Western Hainan, Chen junhuan, general manager of Hainan Zhongnong Aviation Service Technology Co., Ltd., raised questions. Before waiting for a response, Chen junhuan has revealed the answer. "About 80%, agriculture is an important pillar industry in Hainan, providing a large number of winter melons and vegetables outside the province every year, but now most agricultural plant protection in Hainan is still manual operation, which consumes human and material resources." Chen Junfeng said that Internet + agriculture will become a new trend of green and ecological development. Using artificial intelligence, big data, IOT and other new generation information technologies to apply unmanned aerial vehicles in the field of agricultural plant protection can maximize efficiency and reduce pollution

return home to start a business because of feelings, resources and good policies

Chen junhuan, who worked hard in Guangdong, has made a small success in his career. In 2016, the booming Internet industry in Hainan attracted a homesick young man from Danzhou, Chen junhuan. Talking about the reasons for returning home to start a business, Chen junhuan said bluntly: "it is important to decide to return to Hainan, but Hainan's unique natural resources and policy advantages are the main reasons for attracting me." Chen junhuan also told that Hainan is ecologically sound, livable and industrious, and its forest coverage and ambient air quality are at the leading level in the country. The beautiful ecological environment and rich natural resources make Hainan have advantages in the development of interconnected economy and agricultural plant protection. "In the mainland, drones can only work in the field of plant protection for about three months, because most of the mainland grows early rice, but they can operate all year round in Hainan, which is incomparable."

after understanding the development of Internet industry and business environment in Hainan, Chen junhuan led the team back to Hainan, mainly engaged in UAV sales, aerial photography, agricultural plant protection and the application and promotion of UAV industry

Chen junhuan's return to his hometown for entrepreneurship coincides with Hainan's strong support for the construction of Internet innovation and entrepreneurship platforms. The province is building an innovation and entrepreneurship space layout in accordance with "industrial parks, maker spaces, building economies, and Internet towns", and Internet innovation and entrepreneurship bases and maker spaces are blooming everywhere. After many considerations, he settled his company in Hainan western innovation and entrepreneurship Industrial Park, which is the "provincial interconnected maker space" supported by Hainan and the most distinctive Park in cities and counties in central and Western Hainan. In May, 2018, it was recognized as "Hainan small and micro enterprise entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base" by Hainan Provincial Department of industry and information technology. In July of the same year, it was awarded the "public service demonstration platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in Hainan Province" by the Provincial Department of industry and information technology

"after the company settled in the maker space, the leaders of the Provincial Department of industry and information technology came to investigate and solve problems, all of which were in the forefront of the industry. The park will help connect with the government and promote the industry, which is really warm." At that time, Chen junhuan had only planned to open a company in Hainan, which would hold 93.66% of the equity of hezong lithium. However, due to Hainan's Internet policy and the support of the Provincial Department of industry and information technology, Chen junhuan finally decided to locate the company's headquarters in Hainan. "Frankly speaking, in the first and second tier cities across the country, start-ups like us may not be valued, but after coming back, the government not only attaches importance to it, but also often guides and encourages it, which really makes me feel unspeakable gratitude." Chen junhuan said that although the market share outside the province is large, with the government's attention, leadership support, and unique resources, the future development will be more dynamic

"if you don't take the medicine, I'll hit you!"

agriculture is an important leading industry in Hainan. Hainan farmers have also been living a simple farming life, and most of the agricultural planting work remains in traditional manual work. Talking about the topic of agricultural plant protection, Chen junhuan stood up and said quite seriously, "what we are most proud of is that we can contribute to the environmental protection of our hometown and protect Hainan with new technology."

Chen junhuan led his team into the field again and again to introduce the benefits of UAV plant protection to farmers. "UAV plant protection can spray biological agents that are harmless to human body, which evaporate after sunlight, and will not flow into the land to cause pollution. It can save labor and reduce pesticides by 30%-40%

Chen junhuan's "popular science" sounds like a fantasy and alarmist to farmers. In order to open up the market and let people really understand the advantages of drones, Chen junhuan sprayed biopharmaceuticals on farmers free of charge at no cost, and promised that farmers would pay for quality. In this way, Chen junhuan slowly opened up the market, and there was still a shortage of supply. After seeing the "power" of UAVs, a farmer often asked Chen junhuan to come over and help. Once he was too busy and kept pushing away. The villager joked, "if you don't come over and get medicine, I'll hit you!" The degree of heat is evident

UAVs are widely used to help traditional industries transform and upgrade.

"UAVs use big data, artificial intelligence and other Internet technologies, which can accurately match and collect, and achieve their goals to the greatest extent." In Chen junhuan's view, UAVs are widely used and can help the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. On the basis of the original technology, Chen junhuan and his team have carried out secondary research and development of UAVs, and made targeted improvements for different application scenarios and fields of UAVs, so that the data acquisition and software transmission of UAVs are faster and more accurate. The UAV used for agricultural plant protection has eight motors, and two pressure nozzles are installed on both sides of the fuselage. When the UAV operates at the specified height, the power provided by the motor makes the blades produce a downwind field, which can spray pesticides on both sides of crops. Sometimes, unmanned aerial vehicles can also operate for the operation needs that cannot be met by manpower. This does not only work in the movement process, but also reduces the labor cost, and the problem of physical discomfort caused by artificial contact toxicity has also been well solved

"the application of unmanned aerial vehicles will become more and more popular in agricultural plant protection, water inspection, emergency rescue and rescue." At present, Chen junhuan's team has reached 120 people, and the business has developed to various cities and counties in Hainan, such as Dongfang, Lingshui, Baoting, Wanning, and Guangxi, Guangdong, Yunnan and other regions. Talking about the future development, Chen junhuan's tone is relaxed and confident: "the company has now opened the market in the field of agricultural plant protection, and will develop a series of businesses such as drone training, e-commerce sales, drone training, and strive to become a comprehensive enterprise."

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