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Introduce automated production lines to help pharmaceutical enterprises operate efficiently and at low cost

in the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical equipment is a necessary equipment for the production of drugs, and its quality, technology, safety and so on will affect the pharmaceutical production process. Therefore, only when pharmaceutical enterprises have good pharmaceutical equipment, can they ensure the uniformity and stability of products produced on an industrial scale, and can they provide a good quality lock for product R & D and production. At the same time, pharmaceutical equipment enterprises also need to meet the relevant needs and requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in the design, production and other links

in recent years, with the continuous reform of the pharmaceutical industry, the scale of pharmaceutical equipment is also expanding, and the industry requirements are constantly improving. With the development of automation, informatization and data technology, the introduction of automatic production line is of great significance to pharmaceutical enterprises. It can help pharmaceutical enterprises achieve continuous production, reduce manual errors, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs

in the field of pharmaceutical packaging, with the promotion of the two-child policy and the pharmaceutical policy, the demand for domestic pharmaceutical products continues to rise. China's pharmaceutical packaging field needs the introduction and innovation of new technologies to create a higher level of equipment to meet the rapid packaging needs of pharmaceutical products. Automation and intelligence have become the development trend of pharmaceutical packaging machines

at present, almost all pharmaceutical enterprises in China are exploring automation and intelligence models. The packaging industry in foreign countries is developing towards full automation

the extensive use of automatic packaging machinery and automatic packaging lines can significantly reduce costs. China is growing into a manufacturing and packaging center in the world, and the demand for all kinds of automated packaging production lines will further increase. The industry said that at present, China is following the trend of automation and intelligence in the packaging field. The emergence of fully automatic packaging production lines has greatly improved the packaging machinery to meet the needs of automated production, improved the safety and accuracy of the packaging field, and further liberated the power of packaging labor when the temperature has a great impact

however, compared with foreign packaging line manufacturers, there is still a certain gap in the matching performance consistency, equipment stability, service life and other aspects of the production line of domestic manufacturers. In order to meet the rapidly growing domestic packaging demand, packaging equipment manufacturing enterprises must increase the technical research and product innovation of specialized packaging lines in order to better grasp the development opportunities of the domestic market

at present, some packaging equipment enterprises have continuously improved the level of equipment automation according to the market demand and in line with the trend of industrial automation and intellectualization. The fully automatic high-speed binding production line developed by them has won praise from users at home and abroad with its good technology, excellent performance and considerate service, and has been joined by many new customers at many national pharmaceutical machinery exhibitions

according to the introduction, this fully automatic 1 Draw horizontal center lines on the two sides of the block test piece. The high-speed bundling production line is an organic whole that integrates the feeding, cartoning and bundling of drugs, food, medical devices, health products, electronic components and similar materials. It has the characteristics of compact structure, simple operation of an inkjet head for using ink at room temperature, PLC touch screen control, etc. This machine is suitable for packing aluminum-plastic plates, ointments, pill trays, soft double aluminum, bags and other similar items, and then bundling them

the staff of the enterprise said that this production line can reach the cartoning speed of 450 boxes per minute, and the folding range is 1 to 4%. In the baling process, we use PE film as the packing material, and the baling speed can reach 40 bales per minute

in general, it has become a trend for pharmaceutical enterprises to introduce fully automatic production lines and speed up the transformation and upgrading of automation and intelligence by inhibiting the reproduction of microorganisms to keep themselves clean. As the upstream industry of the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical equipment enterprises must grasp the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, constantly make breakthroughs and improvements, and better help the development of the pharmaceutical industry

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