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Which is better to introduce the Fangtai range hood jqd2t flagship edition or Fangtai jqc2 Youth Edition? What's the difference?

the main differences between Fangtai range hood jqd2t flagship edition and Fangtai jqc2 Youth Edition are: first, the size and control mode are different. Jqc2 is smaller in width and height, and uses touch buttons, while jqd2t uses hand feel intelligent control; Second, the air volume, static pressure and noise are different. The air volume of Fangtai range hood jqc2 is smaller, and the noise is higher. The air volume of jqd2t is larger, and the noise is lower. However, this Fangtai jqc2 is the latest one on the market in 2019, and has the function of one click instant suction, while this jqd2t does not Other function configurations are similar. Just choose one according to your needs

Fangtai range hood jqc2 user comments on the advantages and disadvantages details "for the reference of friends in need

Fangtai range hood composite and titanium alloy material utilization jqd2t user comments on the advantages and disadvantages details" for your comparison

Fangtai jqc2 youth version

II. Fangtai range hood jqc2 jq26ta quotation and comment comparison:

1 Fangtai range hood jqc2

reference price: ¥ 3099.00 (check the quotation of tmall activities to improve energy conservation, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources)

user comments: this type of cost-effective, good-looking style, smoking effect is also very good, that is, my kitchen cabinet is very high, no cooperation projects between the two countries in these fields should be increased, so much is exposed on the range hood, I'm going to make a cover with the same color as the cabinet, and remove the top cover, otherwise it will affect the beauty. Everything else was very good

2. Fangtai range hood jqd2t

other materials cannot contain PVC

reference price: ¥ 3699.00 (check tmall activity quotation)

user comments: Fangtai's service is really good. It took three days from order to installation. When placing an order, he asked customer service a lot of questions, patiently and carefully answered them one by one. When things didn't arrive, he called to carefully understand the installation environment, make an appointment with the installation master, and arrange the installation time. The smoke machine has large suction and the noise is within the acceptable range. The function of waving the switch is very humanized. A good experience

III. summary:

generally speaking, the difference between Fangtai range hood jqd2t flagship edition and Fangtai jqc2 Youth Edition is not very big, and the functions are the same, but as a 2019 new model, the performance of this Fangtai range hood jqc2 is relatively improved More popular models of tmall

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