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How about introducing the 6DOF VR all-in-one machine Pico Neo 2 experience? Detailed price and hardware highlights

Pico neo2's flagship VR all-in-one machine in 2020 is on sale. Let's take a look at the configuration information and price quotation of this Pico neo2, hoping to help you choose and refer to it

I. Pico neo2 configuration information:

1. Adopt Qualcomm snapdragon 845 mobile VR platform

2, 4K fast-lcd1, and take advantage of Alibaba's advantages in big data, e-commerce platform, Internet products, etc; On the other hand, combined with the existing marketing and huge logistics points of 5 mine, the offline intelligent logistics system display screen

3 has a 75Hz refresh rate and a 101 ° field of view

4. In terms of battery life, 4500mAh rear battery

5. In terms of storage, 4GB ram and 128GB storage space (up to 256gb SD card)

6. 6DOF VR all-in-one Pico Neo 2 focuses on VR game experience without connecting to a computer, Bring the game experience of instant play

7. Great optimization and improvement have been made in terms of accuracy, delay, stability, etc.

8. The controller using electromagnetic positioning technology also supports 360 ° full space tracking

9. More details

pico neo2

<2 Pico neo2 Beijing shall not be greater than 0.03 mm east price quotation:

[from March 16 to 24, only 0.01 yuan is required to participate in the reservation] [regular user feedback activity, the minimum can enjoy 500 yuan discount] I book

make an appointment to rush buy 2248 people, make an appointment, and make an appointment for the remaining 8, while CFRTP 0 hours, 11 minutes and 8 seconds a day

JD price: ¥ 4399.00

JD event quotation link:

tmall event quotation link:

Pico neo2

.Iii Other users' comments on Pico VR glasses:

viewing effect: very good equipment, very good experience

comfort: I'm a little uncomfortable at first, and I'll be fine in a while, which is similar to starting to wear 3D glasses?, I have used other VR eyes, but this one is better

operation is difficult and easy: the experience is very good, and the operation interface is very good, the same as

work quality at the 7th annual meeting of the automotive nonmetallic materials branch: the workmanship is very fine, very good

appearance: very good appearance, very comfortable to wear, and the rear battery design is very reasonable

other features: This set meal also includes a glasses bag, which is very practical. However, the handle has a general sense of glory, which may be due to the setting problem. I like glasses very much! JD logistics and service are very satisfied! I bought a lot of things in during this period, and I'm very satisfied with

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