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Which is better to introduce Xiaoai smart screen or Xiaodu smart screen? What's the difference

Xiaoai smart screen and Xiaodu smart screen are two popular smart speakers under Baidu. It is understood that let's explain which is better, Xiaoai smart screen and Xiaodu smart screen? What's the difference

I. which is the difference between Xiaoai smart screen and Xiaodu smart screen

compared with Xiaodu smart screen, the positioning of Xiaoai smart screen is different. Xiaoai classmate touch screen version is an entry-level smart product, which is usually used for entertainment and watching dramas. However, if there are children at home, it is better to start with Xiaodu smart screen air, because in addition to being like Xiaoai classmate, it can also recognize children's faces, filter content, and even set the use time of children, At the same time, it also has functions such as distance reminder, face unlocking, learning before playing, which can help children learn better

in addition, Xiaodu can also reduce the error to synthesize our timbre, tell stories to children with our voices, and help us accompany children. I feel that with Xiaodu, it is easier to take care of children

turn to the old user to comment on the small smart screen. Do you see too much stuck operation

Xiaoai smart screen starts with comments to see how the performance is

II. Quotation of Xiaoai smart screen and user comments:

1. User comments: beautiful appearance, fine workmanship, shocking sound quality, high-definition video, powerful memory, suitable for all ages, connected, paired, easy to operate, I can't put it down

2. Reference price: ¥ 199 (check the latest activity quotation of

III. quotation of small smart screen and user comments:

1. User comments: the new small X10 has been received. It's really good-looking. It's already the second small X10. The image definition and sound quality are very good. Adults and children at home like it very much. Listening to music, watching movies and television, and 100000 questions and answers depend on her. She is intelligent and true wisdom. She will never regret it, Have it straight, Xiaodu, Xiaodu, we all love you

2. Reference price: ¥ 1099 lubrication is 10 points important for special concrete testing machine equipment 00 (check's latest activity quotation)

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