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Introduce the launch time of ThinkPad X1 nano? The appearance and configuration of ThinkPad X1 nano

thin and shows a great possibility of changing the surface emissivity of materials. The kpad X1 nano has been officially launched. There are two versions of core 11 i5 and i7. Let's take a look at the appearance, configuration and quotation of this ThinkPad X1 nano to see if it is the one you need

I. ThinkPad X1 nano appearance and configuration:

1. Appearance: ThinkPad X1 nano notebook appearance color is black, size is 13 inches, high color gamut, 2K resolution

2. Configuration:

cpu:ig7 and ig7

memory: 16g lpddr4x 4266

graphics card: sharp torch Xe core display

hard disk: 512g ssd

screen the other is 210.Moving pointer in recent years: 13.0 inch 2K resolution, The screen color gamut is 100%srgb, widescreen 16:10

battery: 48wh

thickness: 13.87mm

weight: 0.91kg

3. Turn to JD regular users for comments. How about the running speed

II. Quotation quotation of ThinkPad X1 nano:

JD price: ¥ 9999.00 interpretation: automotive application of carbon fiber reinforced composites

JD activity quotation link:

III. user comments of ThinkPad X1 nano:

1. Appearance: appearance: high value, small and delicate, very suitable for science and engineering women

2. Running speed: top-level configuration, really fast to use, fast startup speed, sensitive fingerprint identification

3 Screen effect: the 2K screen is very clear and delicate, and looks very comfortable

4. Heat dissipation performance: with a lot of software, the fan sound is low, and the heat dissipation is good

5. Lightness: the lightest notebook can be carried everywhere at any time.

6. Other features: the running speed, lightness and fast charging of the 11th generation core Evo platform are perfect

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