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Qinghai solar power industry association held the unveiling ceremony on August 13, Huanghe company held the unveiling ceremony of Qinghai solar power industry association in Shengli hotel. Shi Dinghuan, counsellor of the State Council and director of China Renewable Energy Society, attended and delivered an opening speech; The main leaders of the provincial people's government, the provincial development and Reform Commission and other relevant units, zhangjuncai, deputy general manager and chief engineer of the Yellow River company, and the heads of relevant departments, offices and secondary units of the Yellow River company attended the unveiling ceremony

at the ceremony, Shi Dinghuan, director of China Renewable Energy Society, and major leaders of the provincial government were invited to jointly unveil the Qinghai solar power industry association

as the main organizer, Zhang Juncai made a detailed introduction on the purpose, responsibility and preparation of the association at the unveiling ceremony. He pointed out that after its establishment, the association will unite the members of the solar power industry to abide by the constitution, laws, regulations and national policies. As a window for external academic exchange and technical cooperation in the field of solar power generation Between the government and enterprises and institutions "In fact, this is not as simple a bridge and link as it seems. It establishes a good relationship with peers inside and outside the province, unites and cooperates with relevant brother professional associations, and keeps close contact with members. Through activities such as the early stage of the project, engineering infrastructure, production operation, operation management, technical consultation, experience introduction, and special discussion, it improves the overall level of production technology, engineering construction quality, and operation management of the whole industry after the completion of the experiment, and promotes Advance the technology of solar power generation in our province, promote the development of solar power industry, better serve the economic construction of Qinghai Province, build a well-off society in an all-round way, and accelerate the socialist modernization

after the unveiling ceremony, Zhang Juncai attended the seminar on efficient and reliable operation of domestic power stations and photovoltaic materials technology due to the large deformation of low carbon steel under pressure, and made an academic report on the importance of material quality of photovoltaic power stations to large desert power stations, the cost of kilowatt hour electricity and the current operation status of photovoltaic modules of photovoltaic power stations

it is reported that Qinghai solar power generation industry association aims to regulate the healthy and orderly development of solar power generation, give full play to the role of social organizations, study the standards, norms and policies of solar power generation industry, and assist the government in organizing and preparing the development plan of solar power industry. Under the guidance of Qinghai Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the association was established by the company, Huaneng Qinghai Branch and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Qinghai Branch as sponsors. Up to now, 41 enterprises and institutions engaged in photovoltaic power generation, solar thermal power generation and other solar power related power generation enterprises, equipment manufacturers, testing institutions, materials, design, engineering, consulting, scientific research, teaching and operation in Qinghai Province have joined the association. Zhonghua glass () Department

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