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The free rules for Qingming expressways around the country are in succession. The upcoming Qingming Festival will become the third free holiday for expressways. According to the first finance and economics, more than ten provinces and cities have released the Qingming Festival expressway. What needs to be pointed out is the specific policy of free roads

a person from the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of transport told yesterday that after the first two free holidays, local management departments and operating units have had some experience, and free holidays are becoming more and more normal. However, due to the more concentrated traffic flow during the Qingming Festival, this free ride is still facing a new test

free access to the right track on holidays

less than a week from the Qingming small and long holiday. It was learned from local government officials and transportation departments that most provinces and cities have introduced relevant rules for free high-speed this week

this year's Tomb Sweeping Day holiday lasts for 3 days. From 0:00 on April 4 to 24:00 on April 6, according to the relevant national policies on free passage, the expressway will continue to provide free passage for cars (7 seats or less) during the above-mentioned period. During the free period, we will continue to implement a series of good practices such as rod lifting and release

according to the above people from the Highway Bureau, the first free congestion caused by the Mid Autumn Festival National Day holiday last year was criticized by the society. Since then, the Ministry of transport has required all localities to hand over the traffic conditions of vehicles, and has summarized and studied a series of experiences and lessons. With the first free experience, the congestion and traffic conditions during the Spring Festival have improved. The person predicted that as the local policy implementation experience becomes more and more rich, people will travel more and more rationally on holidays, and free holidays will be on the right track in the future

under the framework of national policies, many places have also made minor adjustments to the free policy according to local conditions. For example, Shanghai will continue to set up a one hour transition period and set up a tomb sweeping day headquarters to escort the safe and stable operation of expressways during the implementation of the free policy. According to the work headquarters, during the Qingming Festival this year, the "no card issuing at the entrance and no charge at the exit" rapid transit mode will continue to be adopted for free vehicles. At the same time, the road administration department, in combination with the operation characteristics of the road during the Qingming Festival, has scheduled the time nodes of various support work and formulated the overall implementation plan

in addition, the attitude of high-speed operators who had questioned the free policy was gradually changing. The manager of the marketing department of a high-speed listed company who had previously called this newspaper "unable to afford to lose" for free said yesterday that he was willing to support the holiday free policy, and said that with the continuous accumulation of experience, his ability to deal with a large number of holiday free passengers was improving

toll road information is expected to be more transparent

Expressway took frequent actions last year. First, the one-year special cleaning-up activities for toll roads were completed, and a number of roads and bridges with overdue and arbitrary toll collection were successfully renovated; Later, the free holiday expressway was quickly implemented. Nevertheless, the charge regulation is still accused of insufficient efforts

recently, hejianzhong, spokesman of the Ministry of transport, responded to the follow-up work of the special cleaning up of toll roads at a regular press conference. He said that the Ministry of transport, together with other four ministries and commissions, is speeding up the revision of the regulations on the administration of 50 new jobs on toll roads, further improving the toll standard formation mechanism of toll roads, and establishing a franchise system to strengthen supervision, Implement a more transparent information disclosure system for toll roads

"this will help the public and management departments to strengthen the supervision of toll roads, make operators and managers further understand their rights, obligations and, fundamentally improve toll road policies, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of highway traffic." Hejianzhong introduced that, in addition, the Ministry of transport will also take the reform of highway management system as one of the main tasks of this year to deepen its safety experiment

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