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Qingshan Paper (600103) announced yesterday that the company's annual general meeting had passed the share allotment proposal and planned to raise RMB 400million to invest in Shenzhen optoelectronic device project, the company's papermaking raw material forest base and the energy-saving technical transformation project of thermal power station. In the announcement, it planned to invest RMB 171million to enter the optoelectronic field, which was particularly eye-catching

why does an enterprise that has been rolling in the "paper pile" decide to get involved in the optoelectronic field? Huangguoying, chairman of the board of directors of the company, said in an interview with this newspaper that this move shows that Qingshan Paper has taken a substantial step towards the industrial transformation of 1293 with a high-tech oriented output rising by 0.68% on the basis of consolidating the foundation of the original industrial chain and continuously improving the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry to achieve the tightening movement of springs

it is reported that the Shenzhen optoelectronic device project has been listed as a major construction project in Shenzhen in 2001, with a total planned investment of 190million yuan. It will take three years to develop and produce FP laser chips, high-speed DFB laser chips, high-power continuous wave 1550nmdfb laser chips and corresponding packaging technology products. The static investment profit rate of the project calculated based on the five-year average is 46.7%

Huang Guoying believes that optical fiber communication networks have developed rapidly in recent years. As the core of optoelectronics, optoelectronic components are still emerging industries in the world, and monopoly has not yet formed. China is one of the countries with the fastest growth in the market demand for communication equipment in the world. Flame retardant PP for optical and electrical appliances is mainly used in black household appliances, with a good market prospect. Based on this background, the Qingshan Paper investment project plans to use the latest scientific research achievements of International Optoelectronic devices to gradually build a highly competitive optoelectronic device production base with a market share of more than 30% in the domestic optoelectronic device market and more than 1% in the world communication device market in 2-3 years

it is understood that the project partner is Shenzhen Hengbao Tongguang Electronics Co., Ltd. Professor raoyunjiang, the technical director of the company, has been in the UK for 10 years and has achieved a number of international leading achievements. He is a well-known scholar in the field of fiber Bragg grating technology in the world. The optical fiber technology research laboratory led by him is a key laboratory invested and constructed by the Ministry of education in the "211" project. In addition, Shenzhen hengbaotong has a good foundation in the production of optical fiber passive and active components, flexible operation mechanism, sufficient funds, obvious market advantages and high popularity in the domestic market

tracing back to the overseas investment of Qingshan Paper last year, we can find that there has been a tentative intervention in the field of optical fiber communication for a long time. In December2000, Qingshan Paper Co., Ltd. participated in the establishment of Chongqing Baotong Optical Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. with its own capital of 6million yuan, accounting for 30% of the shares. The partners are Shenzhen hengbaotong and natural person professor raoyunjiang. The company also hired academician huangshanglian, a famous optoelectronic technology expert in China, as its consultant. The goal of Chongqing Baotong is to establish an R & D and production base for optical communication devices based on a new type of erbium doped fiber amplifier, taking into account the domestic and foreign markets

then, what are the odds that Qingshan Paper, with pulp and paper as the leading industry, will win in emerging industries such as optoelectronics? In this regard, chenbingsheng, Secretary of the board of directors of the company, said that Qingzhi had made full preparations to enter this unfamiliar field. The company has a talent reserve including high-quality high-tech talents at home and abroad. And having talents has the foundation of success

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