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Qingshan Lake District builds LED industry to boost "Nanchang light" to light up the world

Abstract: new business forms and new kinetic energy bring new materials and new technologies to ordinary families in China. Led by innovation, Qingshan Lake District builds electronic information (LED) industry to boost "Nanchang light" to light up the world

experienced the "fission" expansion from scratch and from weak to strong. At present, the electronic information (LED) industry with LED packaging as the core in Qingshanhu District of Nanchang has formed an industrial cluster of more than 5billion yuan, which is an important part of Nanchang's "Optical Valley" together with the three national development zones of high tech, economic development and airport

with new business forms and new driving forces, Qingshan Lake District takes innovation as the guide, and builds an electronic information (LED) industry to boost the "light of Nanchang" to light up the world

breaking "zero": seizing the opportunity to develop emerging industries

Qingshanhu district is a traditional strong industrial zone. With the eastward expansion of the city and the contraction of labor-intensive industries, the potential energy supporting the industrial development of Qingshan Lake District is gradually reduced, and the pressure of carrying forward is increasing

the Qingshanhu district Party committee and the district government quickly adjusted their deployment and took promoting the integration of industry and city and developing strategic emerging industries as an important starting point for "promoting secondary industry". The special "13th five year plan" for the development of electronic information industry in Qingshan Lake District was formulated and issued to clearly implement the "dual engine driven" strategy. The two leading industries of electronic information (LED) and knitwear and clothing were used as the power engines to drive the traditional advantageous industries such as food, medicine, metallurgy and building materials to develop towards large-scale, refined and high-end urban industries

since the first electronic information (LED) packaging enterprise in Nanchang, Shenzhen zhaochi optoelectronics, settled down in Qingshanhu District in September 2014, Qingshanhu district has successively introduced many large optoelectronic enterprises such as alite optoelectronics and Huaxia Guangcai. The number of LED packaging lines has increased from 100 in 2014 to 470 now, which has doubled the production capacity every year. The number and output value of LED packaging production lines have accounted for half of Nanchang

cultivating "foundation": building nests to attract Phoenix and planting industrial soil

planting Wutong trees to attract Phoenix. How to thicken the soil for industrial development and cultivate the kinetic energy of industrial development has become a question for people in Qingshan Lake area

Changdong Industrial Park has a total planned area of 21.5 square kilometers, and its main business income ranks eighth among provincial industrial parks in the province. After years of development, the land development of the park has reached saturation. As the main battlefield for the development of electronic information (LED) industry in Qingshan Lake District, a campaign to expand large space has started

with the help of the old city reconstruction, Qingshanhu district has started the old city reconstruction of 366000 square meters in Yifang village this year. Relying on the regulation and expansion of the area, "outward" expansion of space, cross Changdong Avenue and develop eastward. If it is possible to divide groups by tensile test, build a number of parks in the park and broaden the development space of electronic information (LED) industry

focusing on industry by platform, Qingshan Lake District has invested 1billion yuan and adopted the industrial real estate model to plan to build a 420000 square meter Nanchang electronic information (LED) industry innovation demonstration park. At present, 200million yuan has been invested in the first phase of the project, and 15 standard plants with an area of 62000 square meters have been built

the development of service industry is an important way to gain the trust and support of enterprises. In 2016, the input industry of Qingshan Lake District reached 12% Secondly, the bank channeled 210million yuan of capital and 870million yuan of Caiyuan credit, providing financial support for 200 enterprises. This year, the district is preparing to build an urban development fund of 6billion yuan and an industrial guidance fund of 4billion yuan to provide more financial support for enterprises

strengthen the "chain": precise investment promotion promotes chain development

precise investment promotion closely follows the panorama of the electronic information (LED) industry chain, which is the only way to expand the "cake" of the electronic information (LED) industry

aiming at the direction of investment attraction, Qingshan Lake alignment oil cylinder verticality zone, on the basis of continuing to introduce, consolidate and enhance projects, scale and output value in the field of LED packaging, focuses on introducing large and good projects in upstream and downstream links such as LED chip R & D, equipment manufacturing and terminal application. At the same time, the company adopts the idea of differentiated development and focuses on the application of LED special lighting. At present, 15 LVYE automobile LED headlamp production lines and 9 Lipton photoelectric explosion-proof lamp production lines have been put into operation in this area

in order to promote the transformation of investment promotion from follow-up and order receiving to leading and order grabbing, Qingshan Lake District has increased its investment promotion efforts and selected a number of outstanding investment promotion cadres to go deep into Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu and other places. In 2016, 66 projects worth 37.3 billion yuan were signed through two investment promotion meetings

a little makes a lot, and a block makes a forest. In the next five years, Qingshanhu district will have a clear goal to build the electronic information (LED) industry into the second largest industrial cluster with a value of over 30billion yuan in the region after the knitting and garment industry. Wang Qiang, head of Qingshan Lake District, told: "we should further increase the accuracy of industrial investment attraction, the extension of platform construction and the acceleration of project promotion, constantly gather forces to expand the scale of the cluster, and spare no effort to build a 'Qingshan Lake model' of Nanchang 'Optical Valley'."

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