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With the changes of society, the post-80s and 90s youth gradually enter the marriage period, and the number of people who buy houses or redecorate will increase again. As a complementary industry of decoration, the building materials industry has also been driven to develop. As one of the necessary materials for decoration, and in recent years, people have higher and higher requirements for the performance and beauty of doors and windows, medium and high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows naturally enter a large number

first, look at the signs

the top ten brand manufacturers or well-known brand manufacturers of aluminum alloy doors and windows will paste brand labels on the bright positions of their products, including: manufacturer name or trademark, product name, product model, manufacturing date, etc. we should pay special attention to this when buying

the magic eye of home decorators. Due to the uneven quality of products in the door and window market, many friends have difficulty choosing when buying. Next, Xiaobian will share with you its buying tricks

second, look at the price comparison

because the material selection of medium and high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows is very strict, the cost will also be increased. In order to reduce the cost, those fake and inferior products usually use recycled aluminum profiles containing a lot of impurities as raw materials, and their quality and hardness are not enough. So if there is nothing wrong with the appearance, but the price of middle and high-end doors and windows is very low, don't think you have made money, maybe you just bought counterfeit goods

third, pay attention to the appearance of products

when selecting doors and windows, we must first see the appearance of products. Maybe some friends think that not all products with good appearance are high-quality products, but we can be sure that products with bad appearance must not be high-quality products. The first thing we need to exclude is the very obvious part of defective products

the appearance mainly depends on these aspects: high-quality products, fine processing, exquisite installation, good sealing performance, and free switching; Hardware shall be complete, in correct position, firmly installed and flexibly used to achieve their respective functions; The window frame shall be clean, flat and smooth, and the surface shall be free of obvious scratches, bumps, and the profile shall be free of open welding and fracture; In addition, pay attention to the thickness of aluminum. The strength of aluminum with a thickness of more than 1.4mm will be better


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