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I'm happy to buy a house, but I'm facing an unexpected overspending when I want to decorate it. When we just bought a house, we were very short of money. Secondly, we didn't know how to decorate it. Overspending is a common phenomenon in the decoration industry. This is because most people don't understand materials and calculation methods. Even if they are looking for acquaintances, they will inevitably be dug. Therefore, we can't be trapped unless we know. Of course, I don't advocate the idea of choosing cheap goods for decoration. I personally believe that home decoration can be in debt rather than quality

I. doors and windows

doors and windows are the first item of home decoration. All doors and windows are customized first, so you need to order in advance. Otherwise, it will be difficult to change windows after decoration. At present, the most popular doors and windows in the market are broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, followed by aluminum clad wood doors and windows, and then plastic steel doors and windows, and the calculated prices of these doors and windows vary. Some businesses even start to quote first and then increase the price. For example, the buy it now price is 500 yuan. When you accept this price and contact the business to measure, the business will give you various charging items, such as hardware, screen and window, etc., so I recommend a method to you, no matter how the business calculates, it will not be cheated

refer to the calculation method of doors and windows

total price = basic windows + hardware + screen windows + upgrade items

II. Ceramic tiles

ceramic tiles are also common main materials in decoration. Many people think they must buy the most expensive ones. In fact, many new products are the boos of manufacturers, and their actual quantity is not much different. My suggestion to you is to go around the neighbors' houses more and inquire about them. Ceramic tiles and doors and windows are things you often contact, This kind of decoration is a big project, and the ceramic tile is a little more wear-resistant than the floor, and it is OK to find a good brand of ordinary ceramic tile, which is both wear-resistant and good-looking

III. wallpaper or latex paint

coatings generally pay attention to environmental protection issues. Usually, VOC signs will be marked on the irrigation. Don't blindly believe the so-called imported brands. In fact, most of the imported brands are made in China. If they are transported from abroad, the cost is enough, and China's production calculation is not bad. China is a major producer in the world, so I won't say more. 80% of these are made in China, and the decoration price is cheap. The price of domestic wallpaper is between 30-70 yuan, and the difference between imported wallpaper and domestic wallpaper is 1.5-3 times, So please don't blindly choose the so-called imported products

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