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With the acceleration of social development, the professional competition of heavy sliding doors is also gradually becoming white hot, and many heavy sliding door agents are faced with the fast-paced development, which can be said to be impossible. In order to cater to the development trend of shopping malls and influence the attention of consumers, heavy sliding door agents usually have three achievements in commodity promotion activities:

first, as expected by the company, it affects consumers' procurement and completes the peak sales of commodities.

Second, shopping malls are not salty, the sales volume is equal to or slightly increased, and the access is equal.

Third, consumers have a bad feeling that the sales volume has not increased, but the expenses have been spent a lot, Overstretched

the control of promotion cost requires each agent to measure by himself. After all, the income and profit of each heavy sliding door store are different. So, what should we pay attention to in a successful promotion

1. Changeable strategies

promotional activities are strict and serious, and they should be considered thoroughly before implementation. Don't change your plan easily

especially in the time of price reduction and promotion,

if your price changes every day, how will the consumers who purchased your goods before feel. They usually think that they have suffered a loss, which will greatly reduce their trust in the store. As for the consumers who had been on the sidelines before, they would think that if they waited a few more days to buy, there might be a greater discount. In this way, the role of promotion will be greatly reduced

2. Promote fake and substandard products

many dealers will feel that the purpose of promotion is to reduce inventory and deal with old styles. The "quality" consumers of promoted goods do not care. Then, you are very wrong. Nowadays, promotional activities are emerging in endlessly, and consumers have a little doubt about it. If you use inferior products to deceive customers, perhaps the initial role is to achieve success, the inventory is consumed, and the old goods are also disposed of, but over time, after the customers distrust the store, there may be no place for the brand in this mu of land

3. Extended promotion indefinitely

"the store expires at the end of the month, and the final three-day clearance promotion, and all goods are folded up". It should not be rare to believe that such cries and banners should not be uncommon. With the passage of time, the original appearance will be bare in front of you. Is it really only three-day promotion

maybe for half a year, the same words are repeated every day. Sometimes, you can see that the faded banner was obviously not hung three days ago. Passers by are used to shouting like this and won't look sideways

Guanhao doors and windows believes that when heavy sliding door agents are doing promotions, they must be clear about the time, three days is three days, giving consumers a sense of urgency and affecting the attraction of spending




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