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With the antibacterial technology developed by its brand, Yajie hardware has set off a boom in the link of "wooden door black technology"

we have a dream: we hope that through our connection and communication, the most cutting-edge technology and experience can be known, used for reference and learned by more enterprises in the industry; In the near future, the wooden door industry can completely get rid of the label of "backwardness" in the manufacturing industry, stand on a higher and broader stage, so that every wooden door enterprise can have its own unique value, and make the Chinese wooden door brand a vision of the world - precisely because of this dream, we are here, they are here - discuss technology with precision, and talk about the way with technology

the development of the industry is always accompanied by the birth of new categories. Only by constantly introducing new concepts and new elements can the market grow better. Today, the wooden door industry has long been divorced from the era of simple "use function", and "use experience" has become the most important factor to measure the value of consumers - and hardware is the most important link to give the wooden door use experience. At the end of the Sixth China wooden door technology conference, a keynote speaker, relying on the antibacterial technology developed by his brand, set off a boom in the link of "wooden door black technology", and the wooden door industry may therefore have a new opportunity - he is Cao Hantian, managing director of Yajie hardware

At the beginning of reform and opening up, the economy of coastal cities rose rapidly, and a large number of molding factories were established to do processing and production for Hong Kong funded and Taiwan funded enterprises. At this time, Yajie hardware was established in Foshan, mainly engaged in the processing and production of household hardware. Due to its impressive business, it resolutely decided to establish its own brand four years later. Yajie hardware has become an established enterprise in the hardware industry

China has become one of the major countries in the production and consumption of home furnishings in the world, and home furnishing consumption is related to the vital interests of the people. Therefore, promoting the environmental protection level and green level of China's home furnishing industry can enable consumers to have a green, healthy and environmentally friendly home environment. With the upgrading of the market, consumers' awareness of high-quality life, healthy home furnishings and public health is constantly improving, and their demand is gradually changing from high price to high quality. In the future, consumption will be the supremacy of health quality and added value. Adhering to the concept of health, Yajie hardware established the antibacterial hardware R & D project in 2012. In the process, it tried more than 40 processes and 72 experiments and analysis tests, and finally made a major breakthrough in the project. The test results have always remained stable and qualified - Yajie hardware has skillfully applied the antibacterial production technology

antibacterial products have achieved good results repeatedly, and Yajie is not arrogant and impetuous.

the main performance of Yajie hardware antibacterial technology is to fight against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. The silver ion antibacterial technology it uses is a kind of inorganic antibacterial agent, which is characterized by good safety, durability and bacterial resistance. Its antibacterial way is to mix antibacterial agent with coating. As long as the coating does not fall off on the surface of the product, the antibacterial performance will always be maintained. Antibacterial is bacteriostasis, which is to attach bacteria to products, kill bacteria, and provide an environment where bacteria cannot breed and reproduce on the surface of products

the production process of Yajie hardware has strict technical control in many aspects, such as paint film thickness, paint hardness, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, friction resistance, waste water resistance, UV resistance, etc. its physical and chemical properties of products meet or exceed the industry requirements, ensuring that the results of antibacterial resistance test are qualified. In order to carry out antibacterial testing more conveniently and quickly, Yajie hardware and Guangdong microbial analysis and testing center have jointly established an antibacterial laboratory, The antibacterial rate of all production batches of products is as high as 99% for three consecutive years, belonging to class I antibacterial rate

from 2015 to 2018, Yajie continued to improve the scale and marketization of antibacterial technology products. In three years, it successfully developed 10 new antibacterial colors, further enriched the types of antibacterial products, broke through the weaknesses of single color and limited style of antibacterial hardware surface, greatly met the needs of current design style in application, and opened the "color era" of hardware surface treatment

at the 6th China wooden door technology conference, caohantan, general manager of Yajie hardware, introduced the innovative technology and market value of "antibacterial hardware" in detail in the link of "wooden door black technology", And won the "golden wisdom award of supply chain" in one fell swoop ". during the exhibition after the meeting, the booth of Yajie hardware also received the attention and praise of the executive vice president of China wooden door technology alliance and the expert group. For the future, Cao Hantian said on the stage that Yajie hardware will continue to strengthen innovation, and will not be arrogant or impatient about the achievements now achieved, provide consumers with higher quality products, and provide a satisfactory answer for the hardware market.

antibacterial hardware, share with consumers The birth of health

antibacterial hardware products has further enriched the standard attributes of decorative hardware products, enabling consumers to have a healthy and hygienic home experience in terms of the standard of "safety, personality and intelligence". In the competitive environment, the application of antibacterial hardware is an additional "value-added selling point" for hardware supporting downstream enterprises, and it is also a powerful weapon to break the competitive situation

antibacterial technology, as an important core of the strategic development of AJ hardware, will spare no effort to continue to invest resources to ensure the development and continuous upgrading of antibacterial technology, enable the new definition of decorative hardware with AJ antibacterial technology, provide better solutions for related products of upstream and downstream enterprises, create healthy and reliable antibacterial hardware products with good experience for more consumers, and share a healthy home with hundreds of millions of families around the world

for 28 years, focusing on the R & D, production and sales of hardware, Yajie hardware has always practiced the development guidance of "the future lies in creation", and has always attached importance to the independent innovation and R & D of new products and technologies. Its advanced production industrial processes and equipment have precipitated Yajie's strong production strength. In terms of environmental protection, it also actively responds to the national environmental protection and emission reduction policies and undertakes Corporate and social responsibilities

Cao Hantian once said frankly that the next development of Yajie will move towards intelligence. He hopes to push back the development of hardware through smart home and connect hardware to smart appliances, apps and other products. After the business model is established, Yajie will also involve more health products, including air purifiers, dehumidifiers, etc. -- starting from "antibacterial hardware", Yajie hardware will be committed to expanding a new business model around the health field and providing consumers with a more comprehensive "ideal healthy home lifestyle"

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