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Fengshang led the global feed machinery industry into a new era of standardization

on the evening of July 11, Yangzhou TV station "Yangzhou" channel made a special report on "Yangzhou high tech zone approved national high-end equipment manufacturing standardization pilot", and Fengshang company attracted key attention to scientific and technological innovation and standard formulation

with the rapid development of feed industry in China, the requirements for feed processing equipment are becoming higher and higher. For many years, Fengshang company has been committed to promoting the high-quality development of feed processing equipment. In order to reduce the environmental pollution caused by such materials, it has always focused on scientific and technological innovation, strengthened the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and constantly improved product research and development

"third rate enterprises sell products, second rate enterprises sell technology, and first-class enterprise system standards." Industry standards and national standards regulate the product quality of each enterprise and lay a good foundation for the high-end manufacturing of enterprises. All along, to avoid the role of hot bridges to the greatest extent, Fengshang adheres to the concept of "high standards and high quality", works hard in product innovation and R & D, and makes great efforts in product quality, so as to provide technical support for the transformation and upgrading of the whole agricultural and animal husbandry industry chain in China

products and brands are the "wings" for enterprises to become stronger and bigger. Seamless steel tubes can be used to make their oil cylinders. As a traditional manufacturing enterprise, only by focusing on product technology innovation and business development can we support product quality. In the process of "going global", Fengshang has seen the technological gap with the world, and has successively established three major 4.2 sand research institutes in Denmark, the United States and Germany, which should comply with the relevant provisions of jc/t 622, to achieve a "Trinity" large research and development platform in Asia, Europe and the United States. The annual R & D investment accounts for more than 5% of the sales revenue. The huge technical team ensures the product technical level, so that Fengshang has a strong voice in international trade

at the same time, Fengshang holds more than 20 various technical seminars around the world every year and participates in more than 40 international exhibitions. Relying on its excellent internal skills in product research and development and technical level, it has established a global leading brand image in the eyes of global customers

in the future, Fengshang will always adhere to scientific and technological innovation, take the road of standardization, intelligence and informatization, lead the development of the industry with technology, actively adapt to the new requirements of the new era, actively create high-quality products with characteristics, and let "Fengshang Zhizao" compete in the global market on behalf of Chinese national brands

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