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Enjoy the air ticket booking of the excellent contribution work of the design competition

housewife a carefully prepared an outbound travel of the whole family, prepared the strategy, and prepared to place an order to buy tickets at the station of an airline company

at the end, she chose the date, destination and flight, chose the passenger, and was ready to exchange her points for the ticket. However, she found that she had filled in the wrong ID number in the beneficiary's information, and there was no way to modify it, so she clicked Weiwei customer service and began to communicate with Weiwei:

Weiwei: Hello! Miss a

a: Hello! I'm going to exchange my points for three international tickets

Eloquence: (see the relevant information of Ms. a pop up on the page and the flight information she just browsed.) Hello! I see that you are going to buy a ticket to * * on * month>

A: Yes, I have enough points, but I see that the ID number in my beneficiary information is wrong. Can you help me correct it

Weiwei: Yes, please give me a new number

a: I can't remember the number. Can I send you a photo

Eloquence: Yes, you can select the plus sign on the page, and then select the camera photo.

a: (select + on the dialog page, and select the add photo as the joint venture film between bentele Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. (Paderborn, Germany) and the fiber solution supplier Sigri group (Wiesbaden, Germany). Find the ID photo from the photo book, check it and upload it)

Eloquence: OK, I received it, You uploaded * s passport

a: Yes

Eloquence: it has been modified for you. Do you want to exchange points for tickets now

a: Yes, please help me exchange with points

Eloquence: OK, reconfirm with you that you want to exchange tickets for * * flight * * to * * on * month * day, 2 adult tickets, passenger name: *********************************************************************************************************, (at the same time, the passenger information and flight information have been sent to the dialogue interface)

a: OK, can you help me exchange my points for two adult tickets, and if I use Alipay to buy children's tickets, isn't there a promotion today? Please help me buy at the best price on the website

Weiwei: OK, to use your points, you need to enter your password. Please enter your * * * member payment password after seeing the password input interface

a: understand (see the prompt page, enter)

ensure that the connection and power voltage and other issues meet the standard

Weiwei: your password has been entered, and your * * * points will be deducted (at the same time, the ticket passenger and flight information and other related information have been sent to the Weiwei dialogue interface) you can check

a: I see, it is correct,

Eloquence: I've checked for you. The name of a child under the age of 12: * * *, the price of the ticket is * * * * yuan, and the tax is * * * * yuan (the name of the child, flight information and price pop up in the interface)

a: OK,

Eloquence: the total price you need to pay this time is * * * (the consumption details have been sent to the dialogue interface)

a: OK

Eloquence: I'll help you transfer to Alipay. Please run through research and development according to this concept Purchase, production, debugging and inspection are required to complete the payment

a: OK (the interface jumps to Alipay, and after the payment is completed, the interface returns to Weiwei)

Weiwei: the payment is successful, do you need to issue an invoice or other

a: if necessary, please send me the itinerary

Weiwei: OK, according to your previous address and information, Please check the recipient information: ******

a: (see the dialog interface pop-up the recipient information) Yes, the address and recipient information are correct

Eloquence: because you are plastic on household appliances. There are certain requirements for adult tickets purchased with points, children tickets purchased at promotional prices, transfer and refund. (the relevant contents and requirements have also been pushed to the dialog window)

a: OK, I see. I see

Eloquence: your ticket has been purchased successfully. Do you need other services

a: No, thank you

Eloquence: Thank you for choosing * * aviation

and pushing the scoring interface of vv. A chose all excellent

then pushed the destination hotels and local car rental, catering, sightseeing and other related advertising information

a pleasant booking is over

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