The hottest female white-collar worker owed 36 yua

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Female white-collar workers owed 36 yuan in taxi fare and were dismissed by the driver who came to the door

a report from our newspaper (Bai Yu) owed 36 yuan in taxi fare and was found by the taxi driver "human flesh". The female white-collar workers involved were dismissed. Recently, this workplace event has been popular in Shencheng HR circle. Paid female white-collar workers complain about grievances, but workplace experts point out that workplace integrity is no big deal, even private affairs can affect workplace growth. "It was agreed to pay 36 yuan for getting off the bus, but it has never been compared." Apprentice Wu, the driver of the special bus, told that a while ago, he had taken a young white-collar woman back to the company. It was not a long drive. After driving to the destination, the girl said that she would pay after getting off the bus. Who knows, she waited and waited until the next day, and didn't receive the fare. In the meantime, the apprentice called several times, and the girl used it when calling the car, but no one answered

because 36 yuan was not much and he couldn't contact himself, apprentice Wu thought he couldn't get the money back. Coincidentally, the next day, someone called his car again, and the target was the girl's company before. Therefore, the apprentice of Wu's selection skills of pressure shear testing machine became more and more angry, so he simply went to the front desk of the company and took the number to find the female white-collar

according to my experience, at the beginning, the front desk really didn't promise to rely on one number to find someone. Apprentice Wu's decisive attitude of not doing anything at all attracted the person in charge of the company. After being welcomed by the HR manager, he really found the female employee who didn't pay the fare through the number. After paying the fare, another achievement of the task was unexpected to apprentice Wu, and the female white-collar was immediately dismissed by HR

this task was then popular in Shencheng HR circle, and others posted on the forum, which aroused a lot of attention. A friend commented, "the 36 yuan fare is small enough to meet the increasing complexity of the design. It can be said to be forgetful. It is big enough to rise to the essence that it is a greedy person." But there is also a reward. This young white-collar worker complained that she was not satisfied with the price of more than 30 yuan. "Money is not a large amount for a taxi driver. Besides, is it a small taxi fare for a White-body driver who can concentrate and accurately reflect the actual temperature of each section of the host from the reading of the temperature control instrument?" "Workplace integrity is no big deal, and all kinds of details are just professional ethics." Feng Lijuan, chief human capital expert of promise carefree, pointed out that most enterprises have high requirements for professional integrity, especially in special posts such as R & D, finance and management. They are more cautious, and many details in the process of employee tasks are within the scope of examination. "Fake resumes, facing soaring cobalt prices, being public and private, being untimely, and not paying attention to confidentiality are often mysterious events that will affect the growth of the workplace. People in the workplace must not cause some 'intentional mistakes' and be on the integrity blacklist."

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