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Feng Guoping: pharmaceutical glass packaging enterprises should guide the market

director Feng Guoping of the registration department of the China Pharmaceutical Administration recently pointed out that glass is still the best drug package at present. The impact means that a layout system is subjected to instantaneous loading and storage containers. Manufacturers should strengthen the promotion of products and guide customers to use

director Feng Guoping said: a large part of the tablet packaging market was occupied by aluminum-plastic blisters, and the packaging of liquid delivery was also transformed from glass infusion bottles into infusion bags of pharmaceutical PVC. However, plastic will not degrade in the natural world for many years, which has caused great pollution to the human living environment. Glass has a good sealing property, unlike polymers, which may release toxic substances, and the recycling of glass is much easier than plastic polymers. Mr. Feng Xiangxin believes that the demand for glass products in the packaging industry will return in the future

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