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Fengshen shares (600469) oversold blue chip rebound is imminent

Fengshen shares (6244 insulating glass 00469) oversold blue chip rebound is imminent

China Construction Machinery Information

this stock has a circulation of 75million, small cap secondary new shares, mainly engaged in tire manufacturing, and is one of the few key manufacturing enterprises of radial truck tires in China. The company is the leading enterprise of domestic construction machinery tires, ranking ninth in China's tire industry. Now China is in the stainless steel shell; 2) The heating furnace is conveniently installed in the machine extrusion room and has enough space; 3) Size limitation of heating furnace: length/width/height is 250 ~ 400mm/150 ~ 300mm/150 ~ 300mm; 4) Inner diameter of furnace ≥ 80mm ★ 5) length of soaking band ≥ 50mm (the temperature in the tropics fluctuates by ≤± 5 ℃. In the new round of high-speed growth period, the upgrading of consumption structure has brought a number of high growth industry groups. The rapid development of tire downstream industries such as automobile and construction machinery has driven the sustained and stable growth of the tire industry. The business prospects of the company are quite promising.

recently, the company received the relevant confirmation from Henan Local Taxation Bureau and confirmed it according to the relevant measures of the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of taxation The company's 1.2 million sets of all steel truck and light truck radial tires project is in line with the relevant national policies. According to the relevant documents of the State Administration of Taxation, holding the technology that the economic and trade department conforms to the national industrial policy is because there is no confirmation of the technological transformation project and the list of domestic equipment for technological transformation when clamping the jaw, the company can go through the formalities of domestic equipment investment credit enterprise income tax with the competent local tax authorities. The total investment estimate approved for credit in the confirmation is 382.43 million yuan

the company can offset the income tax on the domestic equipment investment of the company's 1.2 million sets of all steel truck and light truck radial tire project according to the actual income tax approved by the local tax bureau, which has been credited in the new enterprise income tax for five consecutive years since 2004

from the secondary market, the stock has been cared for by large funds since its listing, and there has been a wave of relatively good market. With the stable performance of experimental machine fixtures and the recent record low market, the stock has built a bottom above the historical low of 6.75 yuan. At the time of news coordination and market rebound, the stock is also expected to make an upward attack, and investors are advised to pay attention

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