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Fengjiang intelligent is deeply engaged in smart precision agriculture, developing and producing full-scale agricultural robots

traditional agriculture has always been known as "facing the Loess and facing the sky". Now the aging population has led to a steep decline in China's labor force and low production level. Hard farming has led to young labor force unwilling to return to their hometown for farming. Nowadays, the times are changing, and the farming method given by them is also changing. Now it is replaced by sliding fingers, and UAVs start farming and carry out farming according to the planned path

before the establishment of fengjiang intelligence, fengjiang intelligence was intuitive to business opportunities through crisis. It knew that the foundation of the national government lay in rural areas, and the country advocated to realize agriculture, accounting for 71.9%; The equipment with a journey of 701 ~ 1000mm is economical, standardized and intelligent. In the era of intelligence, agricultural farming should also become convenient and intelligent. There must also be business opportunities in the government's advocacy of "making agriculture intelligent and adjusting production strategies". Under the situation of intelligent agriculture, fengjiang intelligent came into being in 2017, committed to the commercialization of driverless technology under slow closed conditions, and has a full range and intelligent agricultural machinery product portfolio in the industry

the illustrations in this article are from fengjiang intelligent

data show that China's total output value of agricultural machinery in 2018 reached 5 billion yuan, and there should be no slippage. It is estimated that by 2025, the total output value of agricultural machinery industry will reach 800 billion yuan, the market share of domestic agricultural machinery products will be more than 95%, and the annual compound growth rate will reach 6.1%. While the output value of intelligent agricultural machinery will usher in explosive growth, which is expected to grow from 10.6 billion yuan in 2018 to 240 billion yuan, with an annual compound growth rate of 56%. Intelligent agriculture will leverage the huge market potential of agricultural machinery

the traditional agricultural operation is inefficient, and the agricultural work is seasonal. The transplanting season is days, and the time is urgent. The traditional transplanting machine needs a machine hand to operate the transplanting, and the traditional manual operation is difficult to ensure the density of transplanting, resulting in poor ventilation, diseases and pests, and reduced production. Due to the intensive use of time, the price of machine operators soared, which eventually led to a substantial reduction in farmers' income. Fengjiang intelligent R & D and ground production intelligent robot covers the whole farming process of "cultivation and collection", which can share data between different operations, improve operation efficiency and user stickiness, and the rice transplanting efficiency is nearly twice that of the traditional rice transplanter. It can also exempt the driver cost of the rice transplanter and ensure the scientificity and accuracy of the rice transplanting path

fengjiang agricultural robot can realize the whole process of driverless, automatic path planning and automatic obstacle avoidance functions. Its high-precision navigation system based on Beidou satellite positioning and fengjiang intelligent self-developed driverless system have a precision error of only ± 2.5cm, and the operator can realize the real-time monitoring of agricultural robot through intelligent hardware. It is estimated that only one person is needed for the intelligent transplanter, and the daily operation can reach 70 mu; The traditional rice transplanting machine requires a rice transplanting driver and a rice transplanting personnel. The daily operation is only 50 mu. The operating profit brought by the intelligent agricultural machine is twice that of the traditional agricultural machine

talking about product advantages, Wu Di, founder and CEO of fengjiang intelligence, told chuangyebang that the company that can first mass produce intelligent robots to cover the whole process of "farming, management and collection" is now only fengjiang intelligence; Secondly, the price advantage is relatively obvious. The price of fengjiang intelligent agricultural machinery is far from that of imported intelligent agricultural machinery, but the efficiency and function are almost the same as that of imported intelligent agricultural machinery. Users can recover the cost within a year, open up sources and reduce expenditure for farmers, increase output, reduce labor costs, and quantify the interests of users, which is also a highlight of fengjiang intelligent market promotion

talking about the business model, the sales and leasing of agricultural machinery products account for the main part of revenue; Fengjiang intelligent also provides customization of digital farm solutions; In the later stage, fengjiang intelligent will continue to cooperate with a number of agricultural machinery manufacturers, gather sand and form a tower, develop advantages and win-win cooperation, and work together to promote the rapid upgrading of agricultural intelligence. As of 2020, fengjiang intelligent has received orders of hundreds of millions of yuan. Wu Di said, "only by making profits to users, can we achieve sustainable development."

referring to the future planning, Wu Di said that fengjiang intelligence will develop horizontally and vertically, and the vertical development will extend to smart precision agriculture. As a data production and collection terminal, smart agricultural machinery is an important part of the perception layer in the smart agricultural industry chain and the foundation of smart agriculture. Therefore, fengjiang will deeply cultivate smart agriculture and enable agriculture; With the change of market demand, fengjiang intelligent will also extend horizontally, and is committed to becoming the leader of intelligent robots in the global closed environment. In the future, it will be involved in engineering machinery, intelligent logistics, industrial automation and other industries

fengjiang intelligent has received investment from Dongfeng Motor, Xinhua insurance and other institutions, and has received strategic resource support from shareholders. At present, the team has reached more than 500 people to find out the status of the industry, and has more than 300 R & D teams from Huawei, ZTE, Dongfeng and other domestic first-class enterprises. Dr. Wu Di, CEO of fengjiang intelligence, has 20 years of research and work experience in the field of intelligent manufacturing. He was the chief scientist of Dajiang innovation, CEO of Sweden hassu company, director of Spreadtrum system and R & D Engineer of Ericsson communication chip

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