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Axiomtek's new industrial workstation ICs

China industrial control and industrial control information. Axiomtek's new industrial workstation ics-412v is light and compact with 12.1 "TFT LCD

industrial workstation ics-412v

2005 - the industrial workstation ics-412v launched by Axiomtek this time, with 12.1" TFT LCD display, half length card, 5 pci/isa expansion slots, built-in VGA interface, 3.5-inch hdd/fdd, 5.25-inch CD-ROM。 Ics-412v is a workstation with good cost performance. It is light and compact in appearance. It can be used in harsh environments (such as measurement control, industrial machinery, transportation systems, etc.) and is an ideal choice for users

the export proportion of Axi to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. Omtek will combine industrial products with high reliability and flexibility into an integrated workstation. The portable workstation can be easily installed and its internal structure is precisely designed. The steel plate chassis and aluminum alloy front-end panel meet the ip-65/nema4 standard, and provide the power support, which can help protect the power supply from sliding and increase the stability of the system like the filtering effect of the fan. Ics-412v supports external VGA direct input, allowing the use of any half of the long card, and the external interface can be connected to more PCI slots. This workstation adopts personalized design and can be used in almost any region

the workstation has humanized i/o design: 2 USB ports, 1 parallel port and 1 DB-9 port. The user can directly lock the i/o interface at the slot position of PCI ordinary concrete mixture performance test method gb/t50080 (2) 002. The platform performance is superior to traditional Pentium 4. Customers can choose AC (110~230v) or DC (24v/48v) power supply according to system needs

at present, this complete solution has been delivered. For more information or price information, please contact your local dealer or mail to info@

aisun Co., Ltd. is a leading designer/manufacturer of international industrial computer series products. Based on data acquisition and control, it has developed into industrial automation solutions for design and manufacturing in different fields

aisun Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. Aixun technology is the branch of Taiwan Aixun in China. Aisun head office has more than 200 employees, with a total of more than 80 employees in branches in the United States, China, Germany and France, and more than 60 dealer partners around the world. Aisun provides IPC (industrial computer), ECP (embedded single board computer), PPC (tablet computer that can minimize energy input), DAC (data acquisition scheme), IA (industrial automation), Na (network application platform) and NAS (network storage device), etc., with more than 400 series of products

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