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Fengri electric wants to enter the high-speed railway project

March 17 - Zhou lifeI) in recent years, China's high-speed railway has developed rapidly, but most of the batteries used in high-speed railway projects are German and Japanese brands. In this regard, Hunan fengri power supply electric Co., Ltd., which started with the production of batteries, breathed a sigh of relief. We are improving our product technology and plan to enter the high-speed rail project

yuan wankai, deputy general manager of fengri electric, said this with confidence. Fengri Electric's products have entered subway projects in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing, Tianjin and other cities

in 2010, the company's battery market share in the country reached 65%. It is the only high-tech enterprise in China that has mastered the core technology of valve regulated maintenance free sealed gel battery for rail transit vehicles and achieved industrialization. Its products have successfully entered the three major markets of subway, national railway and light rail in rail transit

yesterday, we walked into fengri electric, located in Changsha National biological industry base. In the plant area, the machines in the production workshops are running in an orderly manner, and the workers are busy on the production line. This is our new factory. Lin Jianhua, a staff member, pointed to a factory building on his right. With the rapid development of the enterprise, fengri electric invested more than 20 million yuan to expand the factory building in the second half of last year

3. The output results of the tension machine during maintenance are in the battery production workshop, but Alexander aucken, the global automotive director of cyanate, pointed out that the battery was neatly arranged in one place. The original company received an order from Dalian not long ago, requiring delivery within ten days. More than 20 new workers have been hired this year, and they are working overtime, but they still can't win. Workshop director Zhang anqiang said

orders come from Beijing, Hangzhou, Changsha and other cities across the country, involving subway, light rail, etc., but fengri Electric has set its sights on the high-speed rail project that has attracted much attention at present. Yuan wankai said that high-speed rail projects have always been monopolized by German and Japanese brands, but the relevant technologies of domestic enterprises are increasingly improving, and domestic enterprises have the same competitiveness. Fengri Electric is also planning to enter high-speed rail projects

at the same time, fengri Electric has implemented enterprise management upgrading since this year, carried out refined management of workshops, and also established departments of communication, rail transit, electric power, new energy, foreign trade and so on

facing the good development trend, the company began to prepare for listing in the past two years. At present, it has entered the listing counseling period and is expected to be listed on the gem next year. Yuan wankai proudly told that the company has 61 national patents and 3 international patents, and its products have covered more than 20 provinces and cities across the country, and extended to Southeast Asia, Germany, the United States, Canada and other places. It is the characteristics and brand of fengri that a native enterprise can be listed

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