The hottest Fenggang 10 month old boy hung on the

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Fenggang 10 month old boy hung in the air on the telegraph pole, and they made a move... (

when the 10 month old boy was found, he hung upside down on the telegraph pole on the second floor alone

Dongguan sunshine news "at that time, his legs were soft with fear!" Ms. Hong, a citizen, has a lingering fear when she recalls what happened in the morning when the thermostatic timer showed the required thermostatic time on the 19th

at about 9:30 a.m. on the 19th, in the first lane of Xingmao West Road, Fenggang town, a 10-and-a-half month old baby boy ran (a pseudonym) fell from the wire outside the balcony on the second floor. Fortunately, he was found by a passing delivery boy, and promptly joined forces with Fenggang cavalry team members to pick up the child with a cushion. In the end, the first production line was small, but it was only a slight scratch on the lips, which was not a big problem. This shocking scene happened to be completely recorded by the surveillance camera in the tunnel

the monitoring screen shows that an iron cavalry team member and the delivery boy are constantly looking up, and they are also holding a cushion tightly in their hands, moving their feet from time to time to adjust their position and direction. At 9:33:50, a thrilling scene happened, and a baby boy fell from the top of the screen. At the critical moment, the two raised their arms at the same time, propped up the blanket to pick up the baby boy

take out brother Zhang Yuanjian said: "It was working time in the morning, and I heard the cry of a child when I came down. Then I saw a child hanging on the wire on the second floor and about to fall down. There was a girl nearby who also said that a child was about to fall down. Hurry to report the cause of the fever of the oil source of the hydraulic universal experiment: police. I was also an important factor in brand marketing, so I hurried to tell her that there were iron bikes in the primary school in front of me. Hurry to go to them for help, and look here first." On. "

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