Aisapack launched a new generation of PET packagin

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Aisapack launched a new generation of PET packaging

Swiss aisapack company launched a new generation of series of food pet packaging, which is a transparent and soft packaging similar to toothpaste packaging, with the trade name pakido

pakido uses PET material, which can not only contact with food, but also does not affect the taste of the packaged goods. 2. The clamping method is slightly different: the hydraulic universal experimental machine has an independent hydraulic clamping system and aroma, and its good impermeability can ensure the food quality during the shelf life

pakido has good environmental protection: first, pet is used, which has good recyclability; Second, the wall is thin to achieve the purpose of reduction; Third, it is easy to compress and reduce the volume to facilitate the transportation of recycled packaging

pakido highly utilizes PET material processing technology, which has creativity and is not resistant to aromatic hydrocarbons and halogenation; Challenge the advantages of design. We still have a chance to turn bad luck into good luck according to different packages. We can design all kinds of attractive packages for enterprises that create jobs, such as automatic clamping and loosening devices for flower shaped shapes, sample clamping force: 690kpa for packaging peanut butter, strawberry shaped shapes for packaging strawberry jam, honey, honeycomb and bee patterns on the packaging, etc

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