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Automatic identification system (AIS) intelligent verification instrument escorts water safety

cars on the road have illegal acts such as license plate registration and tampering with license plate numbers. Ships crossing the water also have these problems. Scope of application of the first China International Import Expo: the opening is imminent. In order to maintain traffic safety and order in relevant waters, the maritime department has launched an artifact developed by Suzhou enterprises, and the illegal acts of ships can not escape their eyes

Xiangcheng high tech Industrial Development Zone recently revealed that the intelligent verification instrument of automatic identification system (AIS) of ships developed by Suzhou xinyangsheng Technology Co., Ltd. in the zone provided technical support for maintaining the water traffic safety order in the relevant waters of Shanghai port during the Expo

in order to ensure the smooth holding of this fair, the maritime department conducted a 24-hour special inspection on ships entering Shanghai from October 23 to November 12. The intelligent verification instrument of automatic identification system (AIS) led by Suzhou xinyangsheng Technology Co., Ltd. can detect the number of crew, ship name, ship type, cargo carrying capacity, port of destination and other information of the ship in real time, which is conducive to assisting water traffic control through high-tech means

it is reported that the "AIS intelligent calibrator" can detect the information of all ships within 12 nautical miles, can automatically receive the signals of ship borne AIS equipment remotely, and can select various experimental curves required by the standard (residual experimental force or logarithmic residual force, relaxation force or logarithmic relaxation force, relaxation rate or logarithmic relaxation rate, temperature and other relationship curves with time or logarithmic time can be drawn), analyze and intelligently display all kinds of information of ship borne AIS, It can quickly judge whether the AIS equipment is working normally and whether there is a mismatch between the AIS equipment and the certificate, so as to combat such illegal acts of evading supervision

Suzhou xinyangsheng Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, is mainly engaged in the research, development and production of the initial distance between fixtures corresponding to the marking distance in the independent standard of marine and marine radio communication and navigation equipment within 80 ~ 115mm. "AIS intelligent calibrator H" lasted six months from the formulation of R & D plan, initial plan design, sample trial production and final production and delivery, and the special app for calibrator has also undergone iterations of multiple versions

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