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Kilo modern Paperboard Factory of Fenlin group celebrates its 150th anniversary

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kyro factory of Fenlin paper under Fenlin group will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2020. This mill, located on the Bank of kyr skoski, was founded in 1870 from the perspective of overall production capacity. Since its establishment, kilo factory has continuously produced and supplied commodity wood pulp, grindstone wood pulp, sawn timber, all kinds of paper and paperboard for the international market. Now the factory has developed into a modern and efficient factory, producing high-quality folding paperboard for Fenlin Paperboard under Fenlin group

"kilo is proud of its own factory. Our employees have been in the midst of change and overcome difficult times through joint efforts. Everyone has worked hard in the factory for many years, often for several generations. This has had a positive impact on kilo factory and continues to this day," said Petri huiko, vice president of Fenlin cardboard and director of kyro factory

"sustainable development is the key to the success of our paper board products with low comprehensive strength, improving efficiency and stabilizing production quality. We are proud to continue to make kilo grow like our predecessors," Petri added

last year, Fenlin paperboard kilo factory began to produce a new type of plastic free biological barrier paperboard for food and catering service packaging, and introduced artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the quality control link. In addition, the cardboard cutting and packaging area of the factory is currently undergoing modernization. The renovation project includes the addition of new reelers and rewinder, and waste paper treatment system. The investment is 20million euros, and the new equipment is planned to be put into use in the autumn of 2021

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