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Fenlin lacquer "black technology" environmental protection products appeared at the 21st National Hospital Construction Conference

Fenlin lacquer "black technology" environmental protection products appeared at the 21st National Hospital Construction Conference

September 29, 2020

September 21, 2020. The 21st National Hospital Construction Conference and China International Hospital construction, equipment and exhibition management conference with the theme of "intelligent integration and diversified development" were successfully concluded in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Top experts and scholars in the medical industry at home and abroad and more than 600 exhibitors gathered in the 16 theme exhibition areas to guide the transformation of modern hospitals from passive medical treatment to active health with the concept of construction innovation. Finnish environmental protection coating brand Fenlin paint appeared in hall 20, bringing solutions for the decoration of the internal walls of the hospital

at the on-site press conference, Du Yawei, marketing director of digurila, introduced to the guests three flagship exhibits originally imported from Finland. They are not only extremely environmentally friendly, but also have special functions. They have been used in many hospitals in Europe Matthias Scheffler, director of the fritz Hubble Institute of the Max Planck Society in Berlin, said: "so far, the argentum 20 silver ion antibacterial wall paint has a super antibacterial effect, which is suitable for surfaces subject to mechanical stress or with harsh antibacterial needs; climatecoo connecting oil way Le intelligent roof paint can reflect up to 80% of the solar radiation, which can be used with The "cold roof" can cool the room, and photocatalyst can also be used to convert the harmful nitrogen oxides discharged from automobile exhaust into nitrate paint. Morey inorganic coating also has the characteristics of humidity regulation, fire prevention and mildew prevention

in the main exhibition hall of the venue, Fenlin paint, which takes environmental protection and color as the core competitiveness, uses natural reinforcement (plate) to squeeze and experiment with natural colorful colors to light up the scene: from samples, samples to colors converge in the open booth, and guests present can experience the excellent film texture of Fenlin paint from a close distance through the wall surface

as a brand from northern Europe, Fenlin paint has always taken sustainable development as the core driving force of enterprise development since its establishment in 1862, and has spared no effort in the fields of environmental protection and health. After 150 years of dedicated development, Fenlin paint can not only meet the environmental protection and process needs of daily interior and exterior wall surfaces, but also its "black technology" is applied to the following professional fields with different harsh requirements for the surface. In civil, industrial and other fields, it strictly guarantees the Nordic quality from beginning to end

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