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is a large-scale precision testing instrument that gives full play to the respective strengths of the motor. The purpose of the packaging testing experiment:

□ verify the reliability of the packaging materials and the overall packaging

□ find the main factors leading to product damage

□ provide quantitative basic data for reducing redundant packaging materials and rationalizing packaging scheme design

□ provide quantitative basic data for the optimal scheme design of product transportation

packaging testing experiment by industry type:

food packaging testing instrument: used for the testing of various food packaging

drug packaging testing instrument: pharmaceutical packaging testing

daily chemical packaging testing instrument: daily necessities packaging testing

chemical products packaging testing instrument: used for chemical products Testing of outer packaging of products such as adhesives

the demand for special barrier film for soft packaging of medical devices and food began to show a continuous upward trend. Mechanical packaging testing instruments: testing of outer packaging of medical devices products

packaging testing experiments according to the testing items:

barrier car seats are devices in direct contact with people and vehicles, which can detect instruments and pull and press them separately for independent calibration): oxygen permeability, ventilation Moisture permeability and other physical and mechanical performance tests: tensile strength and elongation, peel strength, heat sealing strength, puncture, heat shrinkage, impact performance, friction coefficient, thickness, bottle cap torque, cooking resistance, sealing performance, rubbing resistance, pressure resistance, etc

friction coefficient detection

thickness detection

solvent residue detection

cooking resistance detection

packaging sealing performance detection

bottle cap torque detection

headspace gas detection

printing quality detection: color, ink layer fastness, ink solvent residue, etc.

aisli Detection Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988. For many years, it has been mainly engaged in reliability test equipment, and is committed to technical research and quality improvement; Provide professional advice, perfect products and fast after-sales service. The main products are: constant temperature and humidity testing machine, cold and hot shock testing machine, walk-in constant temperature and humidity chamber, high-pressure accelerated aging testing machine series products are widely used in various industries such as electronics, computers, home appliances, communications, chemical industry, scientific research, automobile, aerospace, etc., and have been widely recognized and praised

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