The hottest female singer sued the deputy director

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The female singer sued the deputy director for "lip synching" infringement and asked for an apology

the picture shows the agreement signed between Pingchang County Cultural Center and Lu Fei and her agent, photographed by Miao Zhiyong

China Singapore Bazhong, November 18 (Miao Zhiyong) at 9 a.m. on November 18, Bazhong intermediate people's Court of first instance held a public hearing to hear the highly concerned and controversial female singer Lu Fei suing Pingchang County People's government The infringement case of "lip synching" by zhouliping, deputy director of Pingchang County Cultural Center and Pingchang County Bureau of cultural relics, has attracted much attention, and many media have gathered in Bazhong

it is reported that some products of many media have increased by 55% before, and the body has reported on the rights protection of female singer Lu Fei, which once attracted the attention of all sectors of society. To this end, the Bazhong court invited a number of local deputies to the National People's Congress, CPPCC members, mass representatives and other personnel to attend the trial

in February 2015, Bazhong intermediate people's court accepted a lawsuit filed by Lu Fei of Jilin Province against Zhou Liping, deputy director of Pingchang County People's government, Pingchang County Cultural Center and Pingchang County Bureau of cultural relics, for tampering with and lip synching his original song. The plaintiff, Lu Fei, requested the court to order the three defendants to immediately stop the infringement, eliminate the impact within the scope of infringement, restore their reputation and make a public apology; The three defendants compensated a total of 5million yuan for economic losses and 50 yuan for song royalties

born in 1986, Lu Fei is a native of Baishan City, Jilin Province. He graduated from Jilin Academy of art in 2011, majoring in vocal performance, and then went to Shanghai, Beijing and other places as a singer. She complained to the court that in October 2012, she, Nie Zhenggang and Fu Dahua completed the lyrics, composition and singing of the song "ink painting Pingchang" respectively. Later, the original recording of her song was transmitted to the selection activity organized by the people's Government of Pingchang County for evaluation. After the work was selected, the people's Government of Pingchang county did not inform her that the metal tensile test of her work was the most common one, and tampered with the name of the song "ink painting Pingchang" she sang as "Jiangkou water town". On May 10, 2013, she found that the tampered works were published and disseminated in the name of Zhou Liping. On April 25th, 2014, at the opening of the fifth Rural Cultural Tourism Festival hosted by the people's Government of Pingchang County in Sichuan Province, which is a common experimental machine manufacturer, Zhou Liping lip synched "Jiangkou water town" with her voice on stage. The program was published and disseminated by many media, causing her irreparable and irreparable huge economic losses, reputation losses and spiritual damage

before the trial, Bazhong intermediate people's court held a pre-trial meeting to exchange evidence and cross examination on whether the plaintiff and defendant constituted infringement, whether the lip synching act was established, and the basis of claim

In 2017 fiscal year

for Lu Fei's alleged infringement of copyright and performance rights, which caused great damage to his reputation, spirit and economy, the agents of the three defendants, Pingchang County People's government, Pingchang County Cultural Center and Zhou Liping, said that they had signed a contract with the composer of the song before the incident, and there was no infringement. Because the song was written by Nie Zhenggang, an expert invited by Pingchang County, and it was not a song collected publicly. At the beginning of 2012, Pingchang County invited niezhenggang and other experts to Pingchang Caifeng to write songs. After niezhenggang came to Pingchang to Caifeng, he went back and after a period of creation and modification, made a small sample of the song "Jiangkou water town" for us to try. At that time, he signed the name Author: niezhenggang; Composer: Fu Dahua; Singer: Phil. It's not the theme song of Pingchang image submitted by Lu Fei, let alone that we privately changed "ink painting Pingchang" into "Jiangkou water town", and we didn't see "ink painting Pingchang" in the works we received. At that time, we publicized the solicitation notice and the final award-winning works on the Internet, and we didn't receive any reports

Zhou Liping's agent also explained the accusation that Zhou Liping was involved in the theft of songs. At the opening ceremony of the day, the Pingchang County Cultural Center invited Zhou Liping to sing "Jiangkou water town". Zhou Liping was a professional act, not a personal act. Because the staff mistakenly broadcast the small sample version of "Jiangkou water town" with the original song during the singing, in view of the large audience, Zhou Liping could only lip synch in order to deal with emergencies. Afterwards, Pingchang County Cultural Center severely criticized and educated the relevant staff, apologized to Lu Fei, and reached a "compensation agreement" through negotiation between the two parties, paying Lu Fei a total of 150000 yuan in all infringement fees, injuries and losses. According to the "agreement" signed between Pingchang County Cultural Center and Lu Fei and his agent Liu Aihui, the first article shows that "Party A Pingchang county shall compensate Party B for all kinds of infringement fees, injuries and various losses of one hundred and fifty thousand yuan only (excluding the travel expenses of Party B's two people to and from Pingchang, and all food and accommodation expenses shall be calculated separately). Party B shall show party a the receipt before signing this agreement." Words of

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