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The development status and development ideas of Hainan's printing industry

now society is a period of opportunities and risks. With the further development of the market economy, especially since the reform and opening up and the establishment of a large special zone in Hainan Province, the printing industry has developed rapidly, and the economic strength, technical level, management level and other aspects of enterprises have reached a new level, and also contributed to the development of Hainan's economy, Contribute to the sustainable development of the economy

although the development of Hainan's printing industry has made great achievements, compared with the advanced level at home and abroad, there are still many gaps and deficiencies, mainly in the following aspects:

1. The overall development scale and speed of the printing industry can not keep up with the needs of national economic development, and the productivity value of the printing industry accounts for a very low proportion of the region's gross national product, and the development speed is not fast, which can not meet the needs of society. Therefore, there is great potential for development

2. Most enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises with simple equipment, small scale, unreasonable layout and low technical level. The content of high-tech and advanced production technology is low, and the bad competition means of vicious competition by cutting prices is the main way of competition. The overall technology development and the ability to resist industrial competition risks are low

3. Hainan's printing industry leaders, such as aircraft carriers, hybrid fleets and other consortia, are few, and there is a lack of printing enterprises or consortia with strong economic strength and technical authority. The production scale is relatively small, the technical level and economic benefits are at a low level, and this situation will remain for quite a long time

4. Due to the deepening of reform and opening up and China's entry into the WTO, the market competition is also more intense. In the future, large funds and enterprises at home and abroad will enter Hainan as an important experimental method to test the stamping process performance of sheet metal and thin strip during the cupping experiment, which will enable Hainan's printing enterprises to develop fierce competition. At the same time, stretching will also face a major test. This may cause many small enterprises in Hainan to stop production and close down

in order to survive and develop in the highly competitive market conditions, the printing enterprises in Hainan must speed up many work rules, and the lower the creep limit of metals, such as learning from colleagues in advanced regions and enterprises in market development, talent management, technology research and development, logistics management, etc. Only by taking greater and faster steps in continuous learning, exchange, training, technology update, information feedback, etc., can Hainan's printing industry get rid of those adverse situations as soon as possible, gradually narrow the gap, and enable Hainan's printing enterprises to occupy an important place in social and economic development. Therefore, the development ideas of Hainan's printing enterprises are:

1. Establish a joint aircraft carrier for the printing industry, There are more than 200 printing enterprises in Hainan, with uneven production scale and technical level. The collaboration between industries and enterprises is lack of communication, and information is difficult to share. Therefore, the key is to integrate resources and reduce resource waste. Without a large enough enterprise consortium with strong technical ability, it is difficult to do large-scale business and form its own brand, its own fist products and good industry reputation. Establish demonstration units and enterprises of printing enterprises, whether printing enterprises, or various suppliers and service providers, we should work together to find ways to develop the industry and enterprises

in this way, capable enterprises can undertake the business we can win, become the leader of the printing industry in this region, and lead many small and medium-sized enterprises to develop and survive together

2. According to the characteristics of the region and the needs of customers, there must be more characteristic printing enterprises to produce their own distinctive products, improve the added value of products, and promote the good radiation effect of products in circulation. It also enables the production of products with different technical characteristics to have a better profit space, so that more small and medium-sized enterprises have a better living environment, so as to avoid vicious competition

3. Under the competitive market conditions, how to produce high-quality and high value-added printing products is a systematic work. Therefore, it is hoped that printing enterprises can improve the information acquisition of market product quality, the technical process adopted by enterprises for products, and the management of technical quality, so as to improve the economic benefits of enterprises. Secondly, we must make great efforts in talent management. The competition of enterprises is the competition of talents, and it is also an entity with many excellent talents. Be good at giving full play to the intelligence and role of talents, pay attention to and train all kinds of talents, explore and use excellent senior technical talents and management talents, and give full play to their role, so as to make the enterprise prosperous and developed. In addition, the identification of non-metallic inclusions makes the enterprise have greater advantages in competition and creates excellent conditions for the sustainable development of the enterprise

source: Guangdong printing information

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