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The world's first all PP chocolate packaging box was launched in France

recently, cosfabel innovative packaging company of France designed the world's first all PP (polypropylene) chocolate packaging. This is a reusable plastic box that can be sealed and reused. It has been used to pack finesse de Chocolat chocolate from R ∈ villoncocolatier

the phenomenon of new packaging without softening inside is a drawer type packaging container. Inside is an 80 meter thick rigid PP drawer, on which there are two hollow cavities, which are respectively filled with a thermoformed PP material tray to hold chocolate products, and the external packaging is a 50 micron thick PP material shell. This all PP packing box is made by roskoplast, a subsidiary of cosfabel group. The PP porphyrin shell is printed by a combination of two printing methods, and the full-color pattern of the package is printed by UV bright printing technology. In addition, silk printing is used to print glittering visual effects on the outer surface of the package. The combination of the two methods of printing 1. The operating procedures of the impact testing machine and the brushing method produces a very beautiful and dazzling package with remarkable shelf impact effect, which helps revillonchocolate company to achieve product differentiation. Cosfabel believes that compared with paperboard packaging, PP packaging products are more attractive, have a good touch, and have excellent printability

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