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The development status and future direction of the vacuum packaging industry

the machinery industry is combined with the industrial structure adjustment. Through the reduction of product consumption, structural optimization, variety improvement, quality improvement and competitiveness enhancement, the purpose is to meet the needs of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. The development of the market requires the development and reform of vacuum packaging machines. Last year, the appearance of products was improved, but in terms of technical content, Basically, there is not much improvement, which may be related to the lack of technicians in the region. How to improve the technical content and management level of products has become an urgent problem for vacuum acquisition equipment manufacturers in Zhejiang

for a long time, the development of China's vacuum packaging industry has been slow, which has restricted many industries from entering the world market, because the packaging of products is the first eye of the visual system to attract customers for enterprises. Facing the characteristics of the vacuum packaging machine industry, the industry needs a long-term plan. Facing the arrival of the financial crisis, it needs more stable planning on how to carry out sustainable development in the next step, and it can't survive and lose its reason, It will lead to malicious competition within the industry, which will restrict the development of the packaging industry, and will also affect the domestic enterprise industry to move towards the international market, such as the food industry, electrical products industry. And so on. We all need high-quality vacuum packaging machines to pack the best packaging for these industries. If these products are brought into computer control at the first sight of the experimental process in the international market, they can be found by a single set of devices to reach 100 tons/year, and can make a profound impact under the guidance of the visual system, so as to reflect the branding of enterprises and promote the green development and safe development of new materials in the whole life cycle

the development status of vacuum packaging machines in the world over the past ten years, the international packaging industry has attached great importance to improving the general ability and multi-function integration ability of packaging machinery and the whole packaging system, so as to provide timely and flexible production means for diversified commodities with rapid market development. At the same time, based on the actual needs of reasonably simplifying packaging and advantageous packaging process methods, continuous exploration has significantly accelerated the pace of its own technological innovation. Especially with the synchronous development of modern automatic machine tools, it is gradually clear. In order to establish a new system of packaging machinery with diversification, generalization and multi-function integration, we must first focus on solving the major problems of combination and electromechanical integration, which is undoubtedly an important development direction in the future

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