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Analysis on the development status and market trend of China's electroplating industry in 2019; decorative and high corrosion resistance process technology continues to develop

electromechanical; Electromechanical technology; Information Delivery; Industry information; Industry analysis; Market electroplating is a process of plating a thin layer of other metals or alloys on the surface of some metals by using the principle of electrolysis. It is a process of using electrolysis to attach a layer of metal film to the surface of metal or other material parts, so as to prevent metal oxidation (such as rust), improve wear resistance, conductivity, reflectance, corrosion resistance (copper sulfate, etc.) and enhance beauty

1. Scale 4. In the environment without obvious electromagnetic interference; After the reform and opening up, the electroplating industry has also entered a period of rapid development. A large number of foreign manufacturers have entered economically developed and convenient areas such as the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the Bohai Sea, and their basic process providers, electroplating enterprises, have also flooded in. With the acceleration of industrialization in China, the electroplating industry is also developing rapidly. China has also become a large country in electroplating processing. The vast majority of electroplating enterprises are located in South China, East China and coastal areas with relatively developed manufacturing industry. There are a large number of electroplating enterprises and concentrated distribution in these areas

in recent years, the number of Enterprises above Designated Size in China's electroplating industry has increased year by year. By 2018, the number of Enterprises above Designated Size had reached 172, an increase of 7 over the end of 2017

second, the electroplating processing area shows an increasing trend

the electroplating industry is one of the basic processes of manufacturing industry. The electroplating industry is an indispensable part of the modern industrial system, ranging from a screw to cars, aircraft, ships and so on. Due to the unique technical and economic advantages of chemical processing, it is not only difficult to be cancelled or replaced, but also there are new breakthroughs in the fields of electronics, steel and so on. At the same time, electroplating products are also diverse, involving a wide range of industries, including electronics, hardware, plastics, decoration, painting, furniture, jewelry and other industries. Electroplating process plays a very important role in these industries

according to the data of China Association of surface treatment engineering, in 2017, there were about 20000 electroplating enterprises (including electroplating workshops) above Designated Size in China, with a product processing area of about 1.238 billion square meters, an increase of 6.83% year-on-year, maintaining at more than 1 billion square meters for three consecutive years. In 2018, the processing area of products in the electroplating industry was about 1.323 billion square meters

III. The construction of electroplating industrial park has become a hot topic

on the whole, China's electroplating industry has long lacked a reasonable layout, the market and technical management of enterprises in the industry are weak, the production technology is backward, the information is closed, the overall level of the industry is not high, and the overall composition of enterprises is unreasonable, the internal development level of the industry is uneven, the number of enterprises is large, the scale is small, the point is wide, the operation is scattered, and the amount of pollutants is large. At present, the electroplating industry has become one of the largest sources of pollution in China. Many freshwater rivers, as the main surface water system and electroplating polluted water bodies, have been overwhelmed, but the long-term mechanism for electroplating pollution control has not been established

in recent years, under the supervision of relevant departments, most electroplating enterprises have invested a large amount of money to build pollution control facilities, but the investment in environmental protection has not kept up with the pace of enterprise production expansion. Some enterprises' pollution control facilities are incomplete or simple and obsolete, and pollutants cannot be effectively treated, and phenomena such as excessive discharge, illegal discharge, and leakage discharge occur from time to time. Although some enterprises have relatively complete pollution control facilities, in order to reduce the operating costs, reduce costs, limit the value of facilities or abnormal operation, they even take the pollution control facilities as furnishings for display or inspection. Of course, at present, the most prominent problem in electroplating pollution control is that the centralized disposal of pollutants has not been achieved, resulting in a significant increase in the export share of the environment to emerging countries, and the impact is difficult to control. Building electroplating agglomeration areas, comprehensively adjusting the layout of the electroplating industry, guiding electroplating enterprises to carry out centralized production and management, implementing cleaner production, improving enterprise management level, and taking the road of intensive management are conducive to the scale and grade of the electroplating industry, realizing the scale agglomeration effect, and promoting sustainable economic development, Therefore, the construction of electroplating parks has become a hot topic in recent years. German merchants have strict requirements on the quality of export products of Xujing powder company. The following is the distribution of major electroplating industrial parks in various regions

IV. decorative and high corrosion resistance process technology continues to develop

electroplating is the basic process of manufacturing. Due to the unique technical and economic advantages of electrochemical machining, it can not be completely replaced, and there are still new breakthroughs in the fields of electronics, steel and so on. Such as copper interconnection in chips, advanced packaging and even through-hole plating in other failure situations; Sn plating, Zn plating and Cr plating in the iron and steel industry; Medium antenna electroplating, LED frame electroplating, aluminum magnesium light alloy surface processing, etc

electroplating industry seems to have broad application prospects, but the hot areas have changed. The number of enterprises may decrease significantly, but the output value and profits may not necessarily decline. Advanced manufacturing industry will inevitably promote advanced electroplating industry. This is determined by the characteristics of electroplating technology. The development trend of China's electroplating industry in the future can be basically summarized as the following four points:

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