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Development status and breakthrough achievements of Heavy CNC machine tools in recent two years, China's Heavy CNC machine tools have developed the fastest, such as heavy CNC gantry boring and milling machines, heavy floor boring and milling machines, heavy vertical and horizontal lathes, and their annual output and market consumption have ranked first in the world. In terms of the international market, the competitiveness in the field of heavy machine tools is relatively not fierce. This economic situation has enabled domestic heavy machine tool enterprises to successfully replace imports in some product markets

(1) the development trend of heavy gantry machining center is high power, high torque, high composite and complex hole surface processing capacity. In the world, the products of Germany Waldrich Coburg company represent the highest level of heavy gantry machining center, and the technology of Germany Waldrich Coburg is used in Beiyi machine tool. Compared with Coburg machine tool, Schiess machine tool is basically the same in power, torque and specification, but its machine tool spindle speed is high and its precision retention is good, which belongs to the world leading level in technology. Compared with other products at home and abroad, foreign countries have strong heavy cutting ability, high machining accuracy, and many technical advantages, such as beam machining profiling technology, z-axis ram length compensation technology, gantry frame X-axis moving double motor, three motor or even four motor synchronization technology, etc

(2) domestic manufacturers of floor milling and boring machines are mainly Kunming Machine Tool Plant, Qiqihar No.2 Machine Tool Plant, Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Plant, Wuhan Heavy Machinery Plant, etc. Foreign floor milling and boring machine manufacturers mainly include Pama company in Italy, heath company in Germany, INNSE Berardi company in Italy, Skoda company in Czech Republic, etc. Horimaster HM3 specification products, except that Kunming Machine tool factory adopts rolling sliding composite guide rail and ZOJE Machine Tool Co., Ltd. adopts steel rail and linear guide rail, most of the other major manufacturers are hydrostatic guide rail structures, and the hydrostatic technology is relatively mature. Horimaster HM5 adopts hydrostatic guide rail except Kunming Machine tool factory adopts rolling sliding composite guide rail. Hydrostatic technology is widely used in the field of high-precision heavy machine tools. Its advantages are good stability and overall rigidity of machine tools, while its disadvantages are relatively high manufacturing costs and difficulties. In addition, in the market, the structure mainly adopts the combination of ram and spindle to increase the processing range and functional needs of the machine tool

(3) the main foreign manufacturers of CNC gantry mobile and table turning and milling centers are Coburg in Germany, pitcanach in Italy, giegan in the United States, Salman in Germany, etc. these companies have many years of experience in producing major machine tools. The domestic development and research is still in the initial stage, and the technology is not mature enough. At present, the domestic machine tools have the shortcomings of low bearing capacity and precision to varying degrees, especially those in the medical devices or automotive field, such as low load and so on, which can not fully meet the overall needs of national development, especially in the military industry, aerospace and other industries, which need this kind of high-end products to support. It can freely combine the turning, boring and milling of linear coordinates and circular coordinates. It can also be equipped with different degrees of automation according to the requirements of users by configuring accessories with reliable performance. The geometric space and accessory dimensions of the machine tool can be personalized designed according to the processing requirements

(4) heavy duty CNC lathe CNC single column mobile vertical milling lathe is the key equipment for Wuzhong to process the hydraulic turbine of the Three Gorges project, which represents the production capacity and level of China's ultra heavy duty machine tools, marks that China's independent intellectual property products have reached the world's advanced level, and has become one of the few suppliers of ultra heavy duty machine tools in the world, and has also laid the foundation for the design and manufacture of more series of milling and turning composite machine tools. In addition, the CNC heavy-duty horizontal lathe designed and manufactured by Qizhong CNC is a supporting equipment for the Three Gorges project provided by Harbin electric machinery factory. The processing diameter is 4.3m, the processing length is 18m, and the maximum load bearing is 250t. The machine tool can realize automatic workpiece measurement and tool setting in the machine. When processing the turbine rotor of the Three Gorges unit, the workpiece weighing up to 200t is clamped at one time to complete all the processing of the workpiece. The successful development of this machine tool marks a new step in the manufacturing capacity of the heavy horizontal lathe

The rapid development of heavy machine tools is a direct reflection of the large demand for heavy equipment manufacturing in China, such as electric power, shipbuilding, petrochemical and mining. A number of new products, such as CNC Double Dragon Gate boring and milling machines, gantry turning and milling compound processing machines, moving beam exchangeable worktables, milling head exchangeable pentahedral gantry machining centers, have been successfully developed; Key technologies, such as hydrostatic guide rail and hydrostatic bearing technology, synchronous control and global dynamic compensation technology, five axis linkage technology, high-power double swing angle milling head and heavy-duty rotary table, have been broken through one after another, marking the development of China's heavy-duty machine tools to a new height

Beijing No.1 Machine Tool Factory began to manufacture the Super Heavy CNC gantry boring and milling machine with the largest single machine output value (87million yuan/set). At present, a number of the world's most heavy machine tools have been put into development, which will guide China to become one of the world's powerful heavy machine tool manufacturers

Wuhan heavy machine tool group made XKD Super Heavy CNC Double Dragon Gate boring and milling machine and put it into use. The machine tool is a double gantry mobile type, with 4 milling heads, gantry width of 6.8m, and processing length of 57m The structure of double dragon gate movable 4-milling head is the first in China

Qizhong CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. successfully trial produced bvdm315 × 5mC vertical milling and drilling center. The machine tool adopts double column gantry frame structure, double tool rest and double 24 tool magazine. The central spindle has the function of water outflow, and the rotating speed reaches 5000r/min. The hydrostatic guide rail rotary workbench has the function of c-axis. The workbench diameter is 3150mm, the positioning accuracy is 5 ″, the maximum processing diameter is 3 150mm, and the workpiece weight is 20t. The machine tool is used for the processing of large wind turbine bearings, filling the domestic gap

Qiqihar second machine tool group successfully trial produced xk2127 five axis CNC moving beam gantry boring and milling machine. The machine tool adopts new technologies such as long-span heavy-duty ball screws and auxiliary devices, automatic accessory exchange device, spindle floating tool clamping device, beam hydraulic proportional balance, etc., and the worktable is 8000mm × 3000mm, spindle speed 5~2000r/min, servo motor power 24kw, can realize multi axis control, five axis linkage

Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. successfully developed gmc2060u bridge gantry five axis machining center. The machine tool has made breakthroughs in synchronous control and adjustment technology of X-direction bidirectional drive, five coordinate linkage error compensation technology, overall structure and topology optimization of the machine tool, and has made progress in high speed, high precision and high stiffness. Machine parameter: X × Y × Z:6300mm × 2500mm × 1000mm; The spindle speed is 240~24000r/min, the rapid movement is 30m/min, the a-axis is 95 ° ~110 °, and the c-axis is ± 360 °. This machine tool is widely used in military industry

Dalian Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. made vx32~60 movable beam Exchangeable Worktable exchangeable pentahedral gantry machining center, worktable length 2000~12000mm, width 1600~3000mm, bearing 30t, X × Y × Z:7600mm × 4700mm × 1000mm, using rolling linear guide, electric spindle and CNC double swing angle milling head. Machine tools have made new breakthroughs in the design and manufacture of key technologies

Qinchuan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. developed the vtm260 gantry milling compound machining center in 2008. The machine tool has the function of seven axis and five linkage, with a high degree of compounding. It can be clamped at one time to realize the functions of turning, milling and boring, drilling, tapping and threading. The diameter of the worktable is 2600 and they are broken into small pieces of mm. The maximum turning diameter is 3600mm. The power of the main turning motor is 90kw, the speed of the worktable is 1~100r/min, the milling speed of the worktable is 0~2r/min, the power of the milling shaft motor is 37KW, the speed of the main shaft is 1500r/min, and the positioning accuracy of the c-axis is 20 "

the technology of domestic heavy-duty machine tools has matured, and the gap with foreign advanced technology is gradually narrowing. It will also break through the bottleneck of China's high-end heavy-duty CNC machine tool production, break the monopoly and restriction of western countries, and meet the needs of national defense security and national economic construction. The domestic manufacturing capacity has entered the forefront of the world, while the manufacturing capacity of foreign heavy machine tool manufacturers is weakening. We should take the opportunity of undertaking national key engineering projects to develop high-end heavy-duty CNC machine tools and make greater contributions to meeting the market demand for domestic CNC heavy-duty machine tools

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