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The development status and future market trend of Indian plastic industry

according to the president of Indian plastics Export Trade Promotion Association (ipepc), there are up to 4million employees in the plastic industry in the country at present. Among them, there are 2000 plastic foreign trade import and export companies. However, the association also pointed out that on the whole, some small and medium-sized enterprises are the main active players in the Indian plastic market. Data shows that% of all plastic related enterprises in India are small and medium-sized companies

although the overall competitiveness of India's plastic industry is still weak compared with other developed countries, this industry is India's domestic pillar industry. The Indian government clearly pointed out in its latest 12th Five Year Plan Outline (201 the equipment but most of the primary plastic products used in packaging are not recycled, which is mainly used for the tortuous strength of the material) that although plastic is a capital intensive and technology intensive industry, its downstream industrial chain can create a large number of jobs and solve the employment problem. Therefore, the state must focus on supporting and developing the domestic plastic industry

since 2007, the growth rate of Indian plastic exports has been amazing. During, India's plastic exports increased to 7billion US dollars. Although there is still a gap with the 58.5 billion plastic exports of the United States in 2011 alone, its annual growth rate of 19.9% of plastic exports is nearly 10 percentage points higher than that of the United States

the association of plastics India predicts that with the increasing export and domestic demand of Indian plastics under the condition of ensuring non-toxic, hygienic and environmental protection of plastic packaging materials, the consumption of plastic machinery in India will increase from 69000 to 150000 in 2020. The consumption of plastics in the country will double to 15million tons in 2015. It is estimated that in the next 10 years, the demand of Indian plastic market will be three times as much as the current one

after bottoming out, the Indian plastic industry is recovering steadily and developing rapidly at an annual growth rate of 15%. At present, the main application fields of this industry include agriculture, packaging, automobile, electronics, medical treatment, construction, consumer daily necessities, etc

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