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China will work together to build Chinese fiber brands

on March 26, the 2013/2014 China fiber fashion trend conference and Shenghong Cup China fiber creation immediately took urgent measures, and the Italian Space works award ceremony was held in Beijing. Recycled fiber, bio based fiber, non dyed fiber, easy to dye and deep dyed fiber, cool fiber, warm fiber, comfortable fiber, anti perspective fiber, lightweight fiber and safety protection fiber have become the top ten popular Fiber Varieties in China in 2013/2014

the press conference was jointly held by the Department of consumer goods of the Ministry of industry and information technology, China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, Donghua University and the national textile and chemical fiber product development center. It aims to build Chinese fiber brands, promote the overall transformation of the textile industry chain to a value chain driven by new product development and innovation, improve the overall competitiveness, and improve the contribution of fiber brands to the development of the textile industry. Wang Tiankai, President of China Textile Industry Federation, Xu Kunyuan, honorary president, Wang Wei, deputy director of the consumer goods department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Gao Yong and Zhang Yankai, vice presidents of China Textile Industry Federation, and nearly 300 representatives of relevant units and enterprises attended the press conference

Xu Kunyuan said that at present, China's chemical fiber has entered a critical period of upgrading and improving efficiency. Building a new highland of Industrial Science and technology, strengthening the construction of chemical fiber brands and improving brand contribution are the only way to reconstruct the new competitive advantages of the chemical fiber industry

Gao Yong said that chemical fiber is the source of the textile industry chain. Only when technological innovation and brand creation of fiber and end products promote each other and produce a superposition effect, can we speed up the improvement of the overall level of China's textile industry, which has also entered the 3-yuan precursor production line. Because the hardness value is determined by the initial plastic deformation resistance and the continuous plastic deformation resistance, we can enhance the value of the entire industry chain

the release of China's fiber fashion trend takes technological innovation and brand building as the connotation of the activity, leading the entire chemical fiber industry and even the entire textile industry to pay attention to fiber brands, build fiber brands, and develop brand products. The release of China's fiber fashion trend can let the entire textile industry chain understand the most cutting-edge and highly differentiated fiber products and technologies that are comparable with foreign countries, and make this information pass smoothly between the industry chains. On the one hand, the release will help lead chemical fiber enterprises to develop new products, guide downstream enterprises to adopt Chinese popular fibers to replace imported products, reduce production costs, enhance price competitiveness and increase profit margins; On the other hand, it conveys the popular trends and popular elements of textiles in function and appearance in domestic and foreign markets, and provides a more comprehensive reference and decision-making basis for downstream enterprises in production, design, procurement and other links. In addition, the release of fiber fashion trends is conducive to the cognition of end consumers, helping consumers establish a new, comfortable and healthy concept of consumption and life, so as to form guiding demand and stimulate domestic demand

Wang Wei said that the release of China's fiber fashion trends in 2013/2014 closely focused on the theme of "green, recycling and low carbon", introduced the top ten Fiber Varieties with market competitiveness and technological innovation to downstream users and consumers, and shaped the new image of China's fiber brands

according to duanxiaoping, President of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, this release focuses on three principles: first, collect more comprehensive information as much as possible to make the release of popular trends more in line with the development law of the industry and lead the market trend; Second, communicate more fully with the downstream of the textile industry, get information feedback from the downstream and work together to promote and apply popular fibers; Third, add fashion elements, and pay more attention to the improvement of language and form in the process of release and promotion, so as to make it more fashionable and easier to spread

at the meeting, awards and commendations were also given to outstanding works participating in the "Shenghong Cup China fiber creative space works joint exhibition" jointly sponsored by China Chemical Fiber Industry Association and Shenghong Co., Ltd. The 17 outstanding works of the Gold Award "Jiao", the silver award "impression of Yunnan and Guizhou", "subversion" and the best art award were carefully selected from 106 creative works of teachers and students from 15 colleges and universities across the country. Zhang Yankai said that these excellent works are the perfect combination of technology and art. According to the characteristics of fiber materials, through humanized and artistic forms of expression, they intensively show the green, circular and low-carbon concepts of fiber materials in production and application. While shortening the distance between fiber and consumers, more designers begin to pay attention to the application of materials

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