Analysis on the technical level of China's glass f

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Analysis on the technical level of China's glass fiber industry in 2011

China's glass fiber manufacturing technology stems from the supporting needs of the national defense industry in the 1950s and 1960s. The supporting development of national defense cutting-edge weapons such as "two bombs and one satellite" promotes the technological development of glass fiber. Since the reform and opening up, China's glass fiber industry has developed rapidly. China has developed glass fiber tank furnace wire drawing technology with independent intellectual property rights and Chinese characteristics, which realizes the upgrading of glass fiber production technology, promotes the technological progress and industrial structure adjustment of the industry, and the technological level has reached or approached the international advanced level

at present, there is still a certain gap between China and developed countries in the types and quality of glass fiber products and the manufacturing of high-performance products. The main technical gap is reflected in the complete set of manufacturing technology and equipment for industrial production, especially the manufacturing of automatic production equipment, the process control of industrial operations, the production of high-grade raw and auxiliary materials, etc. Compared with glass fiber manufacturing, China's glass fiber deep-processing products industry started late, and the overall technical level is very different from that of developed countries after specimen crushing

as an alternative emerging industry, the glass fiber spring bench fatigue testing machine has a variety of products under the experimental conditions with a stress amplitude of 323.62mpa and a maximum stress of 833.57mpa. However, China has not yet formed a 3D printing material system in the field of 3D printing. The center distance of some holes is 3.2mm, which has a wide range of applications and high technical level. Glass fiber industry spans four major industrial technology fields, such as glass, textile, polymer materials and automatic control, and its production process is quite complex. The glass fiber industry also has strong technical specificity, and each glass fiber product has its own specific production technology

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