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Analysis on the steady growth of green plastic pipe market

with the continuous development of science and technology, green has become the most concerned theme of contemporary people. For a long time, the indoor water supply mainly adopts steel and iron galvanized pipes. Because its inner wall is easy to rust, scale, reproduce bacteria, microbial pressure testing machine and other harmless impurities, the tap water causes "secondary pollution" in the pipeline transportation. In recent years, some developed countries have successively legislated or established industrial regulations to prevent the use of galvanized steel pipes as drinking water delivery pipes, and proposed the comprehensive use of excellent pipes that are rust free, corrosion free, leakage free and scaling free, with green pipes as the main body. The green plastic pipe market is promising or will show a stable growth trend

analysts pointed out that compared with galvanized steel pipe, environmental friendly plastic pipe water supply pipe has the advantages of being harmful to human body, corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity and so on, and is increasingly favored by the contemporary people who seek to increase the proportion of nickel ternary materials, continue to use putty jg/t3049 ⑴ 998 for indoor buildings, and seek health. In the future, the market scale of green plastic pipes will continue to expand

at the two sessions of the 12th Five Year Plan, representatives put forward the concept of "comprehensively implementing new energy-saving and environmental friendly green pipes, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction and reincarnating economic growth". This also shows that it is imperative to stop the use of cold galvanized steel pipes and various composite cast iron water supply pipes, limit the use of hot-dip galvanized pipes, and promote the use of various new plastic pipes and plastic composite pipes and other green pipes

with the continuous integration of the green pipe market, some small factories with poor equipment, small production lines, small output and low quality have joined the market before and after, and new enterprises have few opportunities to enter. It is estimated that in the next few years, the market of green plastic pipes such as polyethylene pipes, polypropylene pipes and aluminum-plastic composite pipes will show a steady growth trend

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