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Analysis of the standing conditions of state-owned packaging enterprises in the 21st century

with the progress of science and technology, as well as the reform of state-owned enterprise system, the change speed of everything in the world has accelerated, and it is difficult to predict what will happen in the future. However, although we cannot predict the specific things in the future, we can also predict the overall development trend of state-owned packaging enterprises in the future based on the experience and knowledge of using standby insurance management. This is because although the state-owned packaging enterprise in the 21st century belongs to the packaging enterprise of the future, it must be the continuation of the 20th century state-owned packaging enterprise along the path of building a domestic specialized production enterprise of aluminum magnesium alloy materials. Some of its main features are: in the competitive strategy of the enterprise, it is no longer blindly relying on reducing costs to defeat competitors, but on the spirit of cooperation between people in the enterprise, the awareness and strength of continuous change, the rapid acceptance and introduction of updated "hardware", and the ability to obtain information in the place closest to customers; In terms of organizational system, we should strive to eliminate internal friction, simplify levels, and restore sensitivity to changes in the external environment; In the choice of technology and market, packaging enterprises in the 21st century will pay special attention to the development of advanced technology that others can't imitate. They will be technology-oriented rather than simply market-oriented to lead other enterprises and ensure the market. In that case, what are the conditions for state-owned packaging enterprises in the 21st century? In order to remain invincible in the future enterprise competition, state-owned packaging enterprises need to make breakthroughs in the following aspects

it is necessary to clarify the business areas of state-owned packaging enterprises

in the operation and management of packaging enterprises, there is no more important work than adjusting the business areas. From the perspective of the rise and fall of packaging enterprises at home and abroad, choosing which business field and when to change the business field plays a considerable role in the development of packaging enterprises. The same is true in the future. Every packaging enterprise should always pay attention to the life cycle of its main business areas, and also pay attention to the adjustment of business areas. However, how to adjust business areas? It all depends on the geographical location of state-owned packaging enterprises and the specific situation of enterprises. Because in China, the regional economic gap is very large, especially in the eastern and western regions, the gap between packaging enterprises is widening day by day. At present, it has become an important topic of general concern and urgent need to be solved. Although the state has given some preferential policies to narrow the gap between the eastern and western regions, fundamentally eliminating the gap between the eastern and western regions is by no means an overnight thing, it requires a long process; In addition, China's state-owned packaging enterprises have a remarkable feature, that is, they are small and scattered, and their technical strength is weak. A few packaging enterprises that have become popular are mostly foreign-funded enterprises, collective enterprises, wholly-owned enterprises and individual enterprises. Because these enterprises have little burden and most of them are distributed in coastal cities, they have developed rapidly and have caused great pressure on state-owned packaging enterprises. Therefore, if state-owned packaging enterprises want to occupy a place in the future market competition, they must formulate long-term development goals and constantly adjust their business areas, so as to grasp the development direction of the business areas

it is necessary to systematize and normalize the leadership of state-owned packaging enterprises and their successors

in China, since the assets of state-owned packaging enterprises are owned by the whole people, most of the assets are still state-owned assets, even if the share-holding system, leasing system, contracting system and other management methods are adopted. How to prevent the loss of state-owned assets, and can also carry forward, the leadership of enterprises is crucial. As the saying goes, "generals are incompetent and tired to death." a good packaging enterprise must have a good leading group and a good leader; An incompetent or careless leading group or leader is bound to bring down the enterprise. Looking at the packaging enterprises with certain forces at home and abroad, the reason why they can develop and grow rapidly in the market competition is that the leadership is emancipated, brave in exploration and exploration, honest and clean, with strong cohesion and combat effectiveness, strong dedication and dedication, and strong market control ability; Let's analyze the reasons why those poor packaging enterprises are in trouble. Most of them are the leadership who cling to the set of thinking and working methods of the planned economy and miss the opportunity; Some are weak and lax, pessimistic and afraid of difficulties, depressed, waiting for support from above; What's more, corruption, extravagance and waste, idleness and emptiness have brought the enterprise down. Such a leading group simply cannot adapt to the new situation of the market economy

in China, the head of a state-owned enterprise is the legal representative of the enterprise, who exercises power and assumes obligations on behalf of the enterprise legal person according to law, is responsible for all financial, personnel, production and civil activities of the enterprise, and determines the rise and fall of the enterprise; The top leaders of enterprises are not only the planners and decision makers of enterprise reform and development, but also the organizers and commanders of specific implementation. Only a good leader can bring out a good leading group, a good team, a good mechanism, a good management and a good product; A good leader can revive a difficult enterprise, while a bad leader can bring a good enterprise down. It is reported that a city once invested 50million yuan to build a new state-owned pharmaceutical packaging factory. Because the leadership of the enterprise is not well equipped, the newly built enterprise is facing bankruptcy; There is another state-owned metal container packaging factory, which has been operating well. A certain metal container packaging even has a situation of supply exceeding demand. The leaders of the factory made blind decisions and put on several same production lines. However, the market is changing. Before the production line enters the factory, the supply of this kind of packaging container has exceeded the demand, which makes millions of funds of the factory be occupied by these equipment for nothing. The factory is forced to stop production due to the difficulty of capital turnover, which makes the enterprise in trouble

the quality of the leading group of state-owned packaging enterprises plays a decisive role in the enterprise. Therefore, when selecting the leading group of enterprises and cultivating successors, we should give full play to the supervision function of government departments, have strict and systematic assessment conditions and steps, and carefully do a good job in the early selection. We should select those management talents who care about the overall situation, understand the market and are proficient in business into the leading group, enhance the working vitality and the ability to accept new things of the decision-making level of state-owned packaging enterprises, and pay attention to training and guiding them to make them competent as soon as possible

attention should be paid to cultivating creative and enterprising talents within state-owned packaging enterprises

due to the characteristics of the industry, state-owned packaging enterprises have obsolete equipment, low technology content and small complexity coefficient, so the workers of enterprises are mainly manual workers. In the 21st century, most packaging enterprises rely on mental labor. The competition of enterprises' products in the market is actually the competition of product quality, and the competition of product quality is in the final analysis the competition of enterprise talents, technology and equipment. Talent is the key to the success of enterprise reform and the only bridge to transform enterprise management resources into performance. In order to occupy a favorable position in the fierce market competition and develop in the future, packaging enterprises must consciously cultivate their own creative and enterprising technical talents. To cultivate the talents needed by enterprises, they must formulate special plans for investment. At present, there is only one university specially set up for packaging in China. In order to meet the needs of the development of packaging industry in the 21st century, packaging enterprises should unite with China National Packaging Corporation to set up several comprehensive universities specializing in packaging teaching. In addition, enterprises should create an environment in which creative and enterprising talents can grow rapidly

when training talents, state-owned packaging enterprises should consider the specific characteristics of their products and their own conditions, and avoid blind training. There should be three echelons of talents to be trained. First, based on the needs of the production front line of the enterprise, the personnel who solve production problems, so as to win the domestic market for the enterprise; Second, the personnel who can research and transform the products of the enterprise according to the development of similar domestic products, so that the enterprise can expand the domestic market; Third, the personnel who can study the development trends of similar foreign products, and then transform the products of the enterprise, so that the products of the enterprise can enter the international market. When selecting and cultivating talents, we should not only have intelligence and talents, but also have both ability and political integrity. Because in the future, enterprises are limited by technical conditions. With the reform of the personnel system, the turnover of enterprise personnel will be 6. 5% The clearance between the force measuring piston and the force measuring cylinder increases. To retain talents, enterprises must have certain preferential policies. First of all, we should further emancipate our minds and establish a talent incentive mechanism that is conducive to fully mobilizing the enthusiasm and creativity of scientific and technological personnel and giving full play to their talents. Scientific and technological personnel who have made outstanding contributions and achieved remarkable benefits should be rewarded in various ways. At the same time, we should actively cultivate and train scientific and technological teams, and strive to create more opportunities for scientific and technological personnel to study, study, investigate and further study. Secondly, we should build nests and attract more high-level scientific and technological personnel to work in enterprises in various ways. The intervention of external personnel will bring new thinking, new knowledge and new channels, which is conducive to enhancing the vitality of enterprise research and development work. In addition, with the rapid development of China's economy, a large number of overseas students will come back from their studies in the future. The development speed of foreign packaging industry is much faster than that of China, and the technology is correspondingly many times advanced. If at this time, state-owned packaging enterprises actively create conditions to attract them to work in national packaging enterprises, then this enterprise will play a vital role in the development of packaging industry in the 21st century

state owned packaging enterprises should adjust the personnel management system in time to make it conform to the new trend

people are not able to become talents by themselves. To a large extent, they are affected by their environment, and the role of surrounding organizations is like a signal light on the road. The most important organizational structure here is the personnel management system. People are the most valuable wealth resources of enterprises. We should pay attention to the coordinated relationship between people, technology and organization, and determine the allocation of technology and the choice of its organizational form from the perspective of helping to mobilize the potential development of people. Therefore, state-owned packaging enterprises should change the past personnel management system and establish a new personnel management system in line with the development of state-owned packaging enterprises under the new situation. That is to establish a dynamic employment mechanism in which cadres can be promoted and demoted and workers can enter and leave. The appointment system is implemented for cadres, and cadres in some important positions are publicly recruited. During the employment period, if they fail to complete the work plan or are incompetent, the enterprise can dismiss them at any time. Form an employment mechanism of "appointment, unification of responsibilities and rights, and promotion and demotion", and enhance the cadres' awareness of competitive employment. Implement the "three post system" of taking up posts, trying posts and waiting for posts for workers, optimize the combination and choose the best to take up posts. Each job position should be examined and certified, and take the post with certificates. After waiting for the post, they should enter the internal talent and labor market of the enterprise to receive training. The position of the enterprise needs to be selected in the internal labor market with working hours. The distribution of employees' wages is no longer based on the current file wages, but on the working ability and unit of employees

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