Analysis on the slight rise of Qingdao new housing

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In 2013, Qingdao's new housing market still maintained a slight upward trend analysis

at 9:30 a.m. on April 1, in Qingdao Real Estate Trading Center, Mr. Tian, an intermediary, was taking his clients to draw numbers in a leisurely manner to handle business

"today is the most relaxing day since March. It took nearly an hour to queue up for business a few days ago. Now it's time to draw numbers immediately, and there's no need to queue." Mr. Tian said that since yesterday, the number of people handling business in the trading center, especially the transfer of second-hand houses, has decreased significantly

for the sake of insurance, Mr. Wang, a citizen, still queued up early. "When I came over at 7 o'clock, there were only a few sporadic people waiting in line. In the past, there had to be 50 or 60 people in line." Mr. Wang said

since March, due to the delay in the implementation of local rules, citizens rushed to catch the last bus of the policy, and the property market transactions have been unprecedented hot. With the introduction of the Qingdao version of the "five national rules", the housing panic caused by the pending policy has subsided. The staff of the trading center told that the number of citizens who came to handle business had decreased significantly, and there was little research on the use of graphene materials in the field of wires and cables, which basically returned to the level before the introduction of the "national five articles"

however, the Qingdao version of the detailed rules is not as "strict" as previously predicted, and the previously widely discussed "city wide purchase restriction" and the "20% personal income tax" on second-hand houses have not been explicitly included in the Qingdao version of the detailed rules

"from the speed of the introduction of the local rules, Qingdao lags behind and catches the 'last bus'; from the perspective of the implementation of the new deal, Qingdao has not broken through the regulation scope and intensity of first tier cities, and is relatively mild." Long Jiang, Secretary General of Qingdao real estate managers' club, analyzed that the detailed rules are in line with the requirements of Qingdao real estate market to help them better adapt to the current situation of the development of the new exhibition hall

Zhang Bainen, a person in the Qingdao real estate industry, simply described Qingdao's rules as "careless". "The detailed rules emphasize the implementation of the provisions of the State Council again, and no more stringent measures have been introduced. The housing price control target and the restriction of high price land seem to be relatively 'awesome' policies, but in fact, they do not involve specific figures, which is relatively false."

in Zhang Bainen's view, the relatively loose provisions of the Qingdao version of the detailed rules have little impact on the future market. Due to the hot trading of second-hand houses in March, the purchasing power of the market has been overdrawn in advance, and the trading volume of second-hand houses will gradually fall back in the next few months. The shift record starts to automatically record the new housing market, which will highlight the products on the shelves. It is very important to maintain the current slight rise trend

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